Demon Hunter - True Defiance 2012

Hail from Seattle is band Demon Hunter. Doing a metalcore act, and inspired their music mostly on Christian believe, the band released their latest album in around April 2012. If you are into metalcore I safe to speak that this album is a great addition to your collections. It is quite diverse in sounds. In this album called True Defiance Demon Hunter throwing tons of headbanging riff and groove to spend sixty minutes of your time sick. The key word is strong melodic driven metalcore in each song. Singing style is powerful but not that too over harsh.

The album begin with Crucifix. The old-tape intro then followed by metalcore riff, the singing is something old school thrash metal sounds. The second song is their best in term of melodic writting. God Forsaken is so much tricks inside. Tight groove, multiple melodic chorus, and a cooling breakdown before the guitar solos. Then My Destiny is going even heavier, the intro riff with a slightly minor thing make this feel epic. Singing style is again heavier than before, remind me of Kreator. The lyric about founding a life goal and life destiny. The next song Wake come in more drumming madness by their drummer, Yogi Watts. Tomorrow Never Comes is a mellow ballad adding dynamic to the album. It comes with melancholy melody intro ala '80s ballad metal. Something with Means To An End which is a cooling down acoustic instrumental after two thrashy groovy songs in Someone To Hate and This I Know. Dead Flowers is last recommend, a mid tempo song full develop into emotional ending track.

There are enough groove to make the live audience shake in constant motion by each songs. Surely Demon Hunter combined many best part of thrash, hardcore and metalcore. Guitar tones are round and clear, leading solos are melodious and rhythm are chugging. Singer Ryan Clark is very versatile in giving the song the dynamic their required, can go into heavier and harsh type then switch to clean voice. Enjoyable album for this genre, especially if you are also into Christian metal act.

Demon Hunter - True Defiance 2012

1. Crucifix
2. God Forsaken
3. My Destiny
4. Wake
5. Tomorrow Never Comes
6. Someone To Hate
7. This I Know
8. Means To An End
9. We Don’t Care
10. Resistance
11. Dead Flowers
12. What Is Left
13. I Am A Stone

Ryan Clark - Vocals 
Patrick Judge - Lead Guitar 
Jeremiah Scott - Rhythm Guitar 
Jonathan Dunn - Bass 
Yogi Watts - Drums 

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