Voivod Target Earth 2013

Voivod is one of my most mysterious experiences. Largely in my mind, they were just a punkcore band from the ’80 that happen to have more artistic elements in their music. Evolving grunge in the ’90 and avant-garde movement in the 2000s seems no futuristic compare to Voivod’s craziness decades ago. They can go straight as in the album The Outer Limits, which is my favourite, and go weird with all the twisted riffs.  I never really dig into their music, but I admit their music is potentially to drag me into the genre. Short story here, Voivod’s legacy is now on continuation. Although, not with late guitarist Piggy (Denis D’amour), which was the band’s creative working motherboard. They released album Target Earth in 2013, with all three founding member present plus a new guitarist name Chewy (Daniel Mongrain). The band done the best thing in recruiting Chewy and he sounds exactly as Piggy’s identical twin in this recording.

Songs that potentially beloved by long time Voivod band should be Target Earth, their first track, then Mechanical Mind, Resistance and Kaleidos. All a fast tempo tunes completed with original Voivod riffs and bass lines. In Kluskap O’Kom we have a very good groove punkcore tunes, reminder of Denis Belanger distinguish voices. Or if you miss Blacky the bassist,  the melancholy Warchaic may pleased you.

If you are Voivod fans, this is a 2013 legacy that can remind you on this veteran band. Most significant achievement in this album is Voivod able to stay true to their sounds. Three founding member and extra ordinary replacement is a successful formation in achieving that. The album mood comes wild and darker that a decades ago. Not a best way to introduce new listener to Voivod, but this album intended to show their loyal fans how the rest of band is working hard to keep the legacy alive.

Metal Harem Class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Voivod Target Earth 2013
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1. "Target Earth" - 6:04
2. "Kluskap O'Kom" - 4:24
3. "Empathy for the Enemy" - 5:46
4. "Mechanical Mind" - 7:35
5. "Warchaic" - 7:01
6. "Resistance" - 6:45
7. "Kaleidos" - 6:27
8. "Corps Étranger" - 4:35
9. "Artefact" - 6:26
10. "Defiance" - 1:32

Official Youtube Video of Target Earth Voivod

• Denis Bélanger (Snake) – vocals
• Daniel Mongrain (Chewy) – guitar
• Jean-Yves Thériault (Blacky) – bass
• Michel Langevin (Away) – drums

Line Art graphic design for cover artwork

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