Saxon Sacrifice 2013

Saxon is the band you can rely on when all you need is a catchy riff and energy. While the previous album Call to Arms deals with ’80 tunes and feel, our new release Sacrifice is slightly move on to modern end. We got guitar crunch set into more high frequency distortion than previous. But basically this is Saxon with all their Denim and Leather riff we can imagine.

Sacrifice is the first vocal song we listen. Straightforward riff that bring NWOBHM back to life on a year 2013. Speaking about the Mayan sacrifice ceremonial, it is the first cultural theme song in the album. Come next is Made in Belfast, the intro is a combination of Celtic folk instrument followed with thundering bass line. The lyric is about unfortunate ship made in Belfast, story which include the legendary Titanic. The interlude that resemble the sound of mechanical instrument of the ship and mandolin followed up seems contracting each other, all in heavymetal thunder style. We then move to the next transport theme, Warriors of the Road, well this time is a racing theme ala F-1  and it’s sounds as fast and furious it can be. The next theme is oriental tune, Guardians of the Tomb based on the terracotta warriors that guarding the tomb of Qin Shi Huang of China.  The intro with oriental scale and then the riff itself made this one the best tune in the album, my favourite so far. And finally, a standard pentatonic hard rocker tune in Stand Up and Fight. Set the mood to the rebellious Saxon classic theme a Stand up and Fight things. In Walking the Steel we got a dry distortion riff as the intro to this 9/11 tribute theme song. Night of the Wolf try to calm the situation with a rather minor feel song and an acoustic break in the middle. Wheels of Terror and Standing in the Queue completed our encyclopaedia of heavy metal riff for today. The digipack and itunes release contained several interesting re-issue track bonuses as well.

All we need is present in Sacrifice. The riffs, the scream, the rebellious bass and mechanical speed drum. As usual, fans of guitar distortion will find this album full of guitar tone inspirations. Biff Byford gives us wonderful voice that bring back the memory of early ’80 British heavy metal scene. FYI, Biff will be back in the next Avantasia album so stay tune in March 2013 also. Saxon haven’t feel the need to move on from their comfortable British heavy metal sounds, and exactly doing the same things over the decades but with pocket full of new energy. Saxon fans need only to buy this release without worry.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Saxon Sacrifice 2013
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1."Procession" 1:47
2."Sacrifice" 3:58
3."Made in Belfast" 4:35
4."Warriors of the Road"  3:32
5."Guardians of the Tomb" 4:49
6."Stand up and Fight" 4:03
7."Walking the Steel" 4:24
8."Night of the Wolf" 4:20
9."Wheels of Terror" 4:22
10."Standing in a Queue"  3:38

    Biff Byford - lead vocals
    Paul Quinn - guitar
    Doug Scarratt - guitar
    Nibbs Carter - bass
    Nigel Glockler - drums

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