Revamp - Wild Card (2013)

Ever since Floor Jansen recruited by Nightwish as their third singer, increase attention is put on the shoulder of the vocalist who once sing in After Forever band. With this in mind, it’s kind of curious to see ReVamp releasing a new album. First, this will mean ReVamp will not ‘abandoned’ even though their vocalist is  now (almost) on dual citizenship with Nightwish, at least at this moment. And secondly, this is to test the ground on how Floor Jansen singing superiority going to be , if she ever recording with Nightwish. The new ReVamp’s album Wild Card is heavy in character, with elements of progressive metal now strongly put in front.

Wild Card highlight with the three part conceptual progressive metal composition, The Anatomy of A Nervous Break. It’s Part I, On The Sideline is the opening of the album. It’s heavy and with this track alone the feel is now more toward Symphony X, rather than to Nightwish. Floor Jansen also share a harsh vocals in this album, this is in respond to the growing popularity of mixing soft and hard voices in female fronted band. Part II The Limbic System is to continue what On The Sideline finish. This time, it is added more symphonic and orchestration, with composition goes far to required Floor sings in operatic voices. Wild Card back to straight forward riff and sing pattern. Even then, this is a complete song with best guitar solo on the album, elements of choirs, altogether strapped with harsh vocals. Precibus is specially composed to let Floor’s operatic voice put in front. Jump to Part III of The Anatomy of A Nervous Break, Neurasthenia is the sub title. Started with classy gothic feel, this part put the duet vocals in more action, none other than Devin Townsend himself to do this duet. The whole action put to the rest with sweet piano ballad on Distorted Lullabies. Need to hear something wild and heavy again? Here comes Amendatory.  I Can Become is a bombastic symphonic metal feel. Then jump to last part Wolf And Dog, again that groovy riff works great in the direction of music ReVamp put in this album.

Really, this album is solid. It’s has everything and I’m  very much unexpected to see how successfully they accommodated elements of progressive, gothic and symphonic metal into one single album. The choir-Floor Jansen- death metal vocals is now rise to new standard. Especially the death metal / growling parts is mostly flows very natural, it’s not like they spare a space for it, but the song itself scream for it. Guitarists in charge Arjan Rijnen and Jord Otto puts element of groovy and progressive on his unique riffs. The other force is keyboardist Ruben Wijga gives in amazing fills and solos for each song. Bassist and drummer is also having more space, you can hear a thumbing bass playing important lines of many songs. The album really make me want to re-listen to it once it finish spinning. Now, I curious to see how Floor Jansen can fully employed on Nightwish side! ReVamp’s Wild Card is simply excellent album with lot of actions.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Revamp - Wild Card (2013)
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01. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown': On the Sideline (3:46)
02. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown': The Limbic System (4:54)
03. Wild Card (4:22)
04. Precibus (4:25)
05. Nothing (3:54)
06. 'The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown': Neurasthenia (5:07)
07. Distorted Lullabies (4:58)
08. Amendatory (4:47)
09. I Can Become (3:48)
10. Misery's No Crime (4:03)
11. Wolf and Dog (5:01)
12. Sins (Bonus Track) (4:07)

    Floor Jansen - vocals
    Matthias Landes - drums
    Arjan Rijnen - guitars
    Jord Otto - guitars
    Ruben Wijga - keyboards

    Mark Jansen - grunts on track 10
    Devin Townsend - vocals on track 6
    Marcela Bovio - choir vocals
    Johan van Stratum - bass guitar
    DaniĆ«l de Jongh - choir vocals

Revamp Wild Card metalharem

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