Cloudscape New Era 2012

Playing in the progressive metal territory, Cloudscape is that another kind of band hailed from Sweden. In this album, New Era, Cloudscape seems to reconstruct themselves with new personals due to half of the team’s mutation. Their vocalist Mike Andersen is most active, already shown us some bloods in his project with Stefan Elmgren’s Fullforce. Cloudscape is doing in between progressive and power metal in spirit as Queensryche, with modern metal Narnia or Pagan’s Mind.

Several songs that play in this safe hybrid of two famous genres, are opening tracks Silver Ending, an chorus feel Share Your Energy and Your Desire. In Kingdom of Sand, Cloudscape play with eclectic middle eastern theme. There also experimental jungle feel as in Before Your Eyes. In the last theme, Heroes, Cloudscape also goes as far as far Eastern theme. The instrumentation setup goes with two guitars and also include plenty of synth pre recorded loops. This create a rich connection mood from power metal to outer space feel. For similarity to outer space theme ala Queensryche we got the melodic metal Voyager 9. So, this album is really something, span the feel from 80s band to modern sound.

As can listen, the singer Mike Anderssen carefully finish the composition with its charismatic voices. Guitarist Patrik Svard and Stefan Rosqvist enable the team for dual melody scene most of time. Stefan Rosqvist is also playing in previously mentioned, Fullforce. If you like Circus Maximus, Pagan’s Mind, Narnia and Symphony X, this is another album that will satisfy your brain with its complicated and groovy songs.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Cloudscape New Era 2012
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1. Silver Ending
2. Share Your Energy
3. Kingdom Of Sand
4. Pull The Brake
5. Seen It All Before
6. Your Desire
7. Voyager 9
8. Simplicity…Huh…
9. Before Your Eyes
10. Violet Eye
11. Into The Unknown
12. Heroes

Mike Andersson : Lead & backing vocals
Patrik Svärd : Guitars
Stefan Rosqvist : Guitars
Håkan Nyander : Bass
Fredrik Joakimsson : Drums & Percussion

Cover art design

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