German Pascual A New Beginning 2012

German Pascual is the last who sings in the legendary Narnia band. As the band went into hibernation, the member scattered all around and so does German Pascual. In A New Beginning, German Pascual formed his own band comprises of guitarist Martin Hall, Pain of Salvation bassist Per Schleander and Almah bassist Raphael Dafras. Invited also Jani Stefanovic guitarist in DivineFire, the other band where German actually in pas de deux with Christian Lijegrean as singer. While ex Narnian vocalist Christian Lijegren pursuit into more neo-classical metal in Golden Resurrection, German choose to step into the heavier progressive metal approach.

Intro in Seek the Truth is a promising start. As do the song in a progressive metal intense riff and groove. However, all songs are limited to the straightforward song structure and not gone into too mind blowing twist ala Symphony X. The Wrath of God is showcase the aggressive style by the singer. Not much slowing his pace is the third incoming blazzing riff, If the Sky Would Fall. Very close reference to Narnia itself and Symphony X in this song. Mysty Dreams is again a familiar down tune guitar riff, this time some of higher pitch verse and chorus is the main challenge. Still the album give a consistent tasty guitar riff intro in each songs after this point. Listen to Fate of the Blind where Carl Johann Grimmark featuring in solo.

This is indeed solid solo works from the singer who also previously sing in Mind's Eye, and trivially in Soulspell metal opera. Guitarist in charge Martin Hall didn't let us down , and made this recording a mind blowing shredfest. Two fantastic bassist in charge, but the drum is listed as programmed. A thick line between progressive metal and a slightly metalcore groove. As in Narnia and Divinefire, Christianity is the main theme in all lyrics. A successful new beginning.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

German Pascual A New Beginning 2012

01. Seek the Truth
02. The Wrath of God
03. If the Sky would Fall
04. Misty Dreams
05. Open Your Eyes
06. I Call for The One
07. Unbroken Wings
08. Come Ease the Pain
09. Fate of the Blind
10. Cancion Con Todos

Martin Hall,
Per Schleander, bass (ex Royal Hunt, Pain of Salvation)
Raphael Dafras, bass (Almah)
guest: CJ Grimmark, Jani Stefanovic

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