Lynch Mob - Sun Red Sun (2014)

The flagship band for George Lynch, Lynch Mob, has pulled out their latest album. This is the 6th full length studio album. It is featuring Oni Logan on vocals, where they joined by  Robbie Crane and Scott Coogan. The album titled 'Sun Red Sun' is as usual in business where George Lynch having fun with his tiger motive ESP guitar, and the band singing along it. Comprising seven new tracks of guitar driven heavy metal, very much to reminded us to the height of '80s hair metal glamour era.

In the first song "Believers of the Day", though its started with promising guitar riffs, the song give much room for Oni Logan to take over the dominant part. Solos are of course great with George Lynch signature speed picking, legato and tapping. The guitar only going more heavy with the second song "Erotika", which laid over a tom-tom drumming beat. "Burning Sky" is blues-rock song. "Black Waters" is kind of Lynch experimenting muted picking with time delay effects, an instrumental song. "Play the Game" is melodic mid tempo hard rock tune. Much interesting is "Sublimininal Dream", a song with heavy wah-wah guitar playing on it. Then the final original song is "Sun Red Sun" of ballad style in the vibe of '80 feel. The album also contained four songs taken from their previous EP "Sound Mountain", all remastered.

Surely this is a brief album from George Lynch after five years of void. Not much can be comment on the album, the guitar sounds are heavy, fit to Lynch wild guitar plays. Those looking for George Lynch shredding parts shall find their objective achieved, although by not very large portion since most of songs are more 'band' orientated than solo driven. Nice hard rock album to tune in while counting the end of 2014 year.

Metal Harem class: ******** seven stars out of ten

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Lynch Mob - Sun Red Sun (2014)

1. Believers of the Day
2. Erotika
3. Burnin Sky
4. Black Waters (instrumental)
5. Play The Game
6. Subliminal Dream
7. Sun Red Sun

Bonus Tracks
8. Slow Drag (remastered)
9. World Of Chance (remastered)
10. City Of Freedom (remastered)
11. Sucka (remastered)

Label: Rat Pak Records

George Lynch (guitar)
Oni Logan (vocals)
Robbie Crane (bass)
Scott Coogan (drums)

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