Blackwelder - Survival Of The Fittest (2015)

Except for the guitarist, Blackwelder will quickly recognized by metal fans by just looking at the line up. This must be the next project by Ralf Scheepers outside his Primal Fear day jobs. Aquiles Priester is the next big name to mention. He just appear on Tony MacAlpine's latest solo album . Bjorn Englen, ex Yngwie and also part of Tony MacAlpine band. It's only the guitarist that required me to googled up his name, Andrew Szucs is the one trusted to carried out all the axing and hack job. Put all together we got their first album, Survival Of The Fittest, visualized with eye catching cover artwork.

Listen to the first opening song, "Survival Of The Fittest". Through a simple leading melody we landed on catchy riffs followed by headbanging groove when the vocals kick in. Ralf's voices quickly dominated the scene and we know who is the boss here. The second song simply rock n' power in style, "Spaceman", is kind of over the top AOR song with stormy guitar chops and drum all over it. Very interesting song, solos are quite jaw dropping for somebody who just handshake with Andrew. We got to interesting guitar instrumental track in "Adeturi", shred in neo classical style. Looks who is speaking now. His neo-classical licks still can be hear on "Inner Voice" intro then in "Remember the Time". The later is quite epic metal in spirit. You may want to surprise yourself with other excellent songs.

This is the album where expected nothing but straightforward power metal. There are not much brain twisting complicated composition here. Just old time formula where the guitar gave in the power riffs, followed up with blasting double pedal drumming. Needless to say, Ralf Scheepers is the front man that top all talents into his voices. He is closely followed by our newly discovered talented guitarist. Andrew Szucs that gives the shipload of solos and riffs, he is the boss on the six strings. As mentioned, Aquiles Preister impressed us with his top speed foot works, nothing beat a 300rpm double pedal fills in. So please welcome, Blackwelder.

Favorite tracks: Spaceman, Adeturi
Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Blackwelder - Survival Of The Fittest (2015)

01. The Night Of New Moon
02. Spaceman
03. Adeturi (instrumental)
04. Freeway Of Life
05. Inner Voice
06. With Flying Colors
07. Remember The Time
08. Play Some More
09. Oriental Spell
10. Judgement Day

Line Up:
Ralf Scheepers - Vocals (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray)
Andrew Szucs - Guitar (Seven Seraphim)
Bjorn Englen - Bass (Dio Disciples, Tony MacAlpine, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
Aquiles Priester - Drums (Primal Fear, Hangar, ex-Angra)


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