Arrayan Path - Dawn of Aquarius (2017)

Arrayan Path is power / heavy metal from the island of Cyprus. They currently released their 6th studio album, titled "Dawn of Aquarius". As expected from the Mediterranean landscape, their music abide with strong Hellenistic influence. Dawn of Aquarius is kind of concept album with firm connections between songs.

The opener "Equilibrium" is started with folk-like acoustic instrument. The songs started after a minute of intro with a vocalist resembling the of early Kai Hansenese. The highlight of this album are in their Youtube releases : "The Hundred Names of Kali Ma", "So It Shall Be Written",  "Dawn of Aquarius"and  "Lotus Eyes".

Arrayan Path success in bringing their originality in this album. The whole album is heavy and oriental-melodic packed. The Leptos brothers very well handling the song writing that almost the entire album are fresh in my memory after only couple of listening. A very interesting band and album to listen to.

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Arrayan Path are:
Alexis Kleidaras-Guitar
Nicholas Leptos-Vocals
Stefan Dittrich-Drums
Socratis Leptos-Guitar
Paris Lambrou-Bass
George Kallis-Keyboard

Arrayan Path - Dawn of Aquarius (2017)

1. Equilibrium 05:52
2. The Flower Born of Itself 04:49
3. Dark Daughter of the Snake 03:18
4. The Hundred Names of Kali Ma 05:15
5. So It Shall Be Written 06:38
6. She Who Is Primordial Wisdom 04:14
7. Dawn of Aquarius 04:01
8. Cremation Grounds 05:51
9. Empress (Reality of All the Threes) 04:24
10. Lotus Eyes 04:19
11. The Eleventh Mantra 06:11
12. Guardian Angel 05:00
13. Garland of Skulls 03:40

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