Powerwolf - "The Sacrament of Sin" (2018)

Just like character classes in video games, power metal bands are having their own “character class”. For example, Blind Guardian is like the Mage class, like Gandalf. Manowar is Warrior type, with his big sword. Rhapsody of Fire is Elven guys, Nightwish is the Wizard, usually a support roles. Now, Powerwolf is the band that sacrificed themselves opting to become the “bad character”. Powerwolf is the Werewolf / Vampire / Necromancer of power metal world. Power metal fans turn out to like the bad guys too. So, after few albums, Powerwolf is one of the rising power in this fantasy world. Well, their music are good too. The band dressed themselves as their vampire theme. Matthew and Charles Greywolf are main force of the band. Their vocalist is Attila Dorn , whose hobby are admiring the Romanian werewolf lore. In short, Powerwolf able to gained attention from power metal world with six studio albums already. And yeah, they are from Germany.

Official Video - Fire & Forgive from "The Sacrament of Sin" Powerwolf

In 2018, their seventh studio album released. Titled as “The Sacrament of Sin”, Powerwolf continued their havoc with more vampiric power metal music. For their past materials, I like most of their hits because the dark-gloomy-gothic theme were very good incorporated to their music. Their hits like “Amen & Attack” are very original. So, as the band did not change much their direction in this new album, “The Sacrement of Sin” is another enjoyable addition to their song library. Their first song “Fire & Forgive” is of course their best hits. As the titled pattern, the band very good with a song with “…….. & …….” passage (Amen & Attack, Demons & Diamonds, Sacred & Wild). “Killer with the Cross” come as my next favorite for its story telling verses and sing-along choruses. “Where the Wild Wolves Had Gone” is the Manowar-like, anthem song. The darkest opening riff then fall to “The Sacrament of Sin”, this is like Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark combined with Helloween. Every power metal album should also have their Latin chorus song, “Venom of Venus” the answer, a song to played for your choral member friend.

As addition to the original studio album, there is a B-side bonuses, which is equally interesting. In the bonus tracks, Powerwolf asked (or invited) another band to covered their song. So, you’ll have the band best hits covered by famous band like Epica, Amaranthe, Caliban and others. Of course this is a serious bonuses that maybe even bigger than the album. Enjoy Powerwolf songs interpreted by other band, which is seriously kick ass.

The Sacrament of Sin” is one of best power metal album released this year of 2018. If you haven’t listen to Powerwolf, this is your chance to experience it. The album are typical power metal with many church-organ layers, so you can imagine the atmosphere. There is a dark side of the band in which their theme is the counter act of some religious community. Well, in the world full of hatred nowadays, we should avoid making fun of other believe, shouldn’t we? Apart from that, “The Sacrament of Sin” is a strong album that every power metal can listen with little harm, except for being head banging too hard. 

Powerwolf - "The Sacrament of Sin" (2018)
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01. Fire & Forgive
02. Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend
03. Killers With The Cross
04. Incense And Iron
05. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
06. Stossgebet
07. Nightside Of Siberia
08. The Sacrament Of Sin
09. Venom Of Venus
10. Nighttime Rebel
11. Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)
12. Midnight Madonna [bonus version]

Disc 2 - Communio Lupatum 
 1. Sacred & Wild (Epica) 04:47
 2. We Drink Your Blood (Saltatio Mortis) 03:40
 3. Kiss of the Cobra King (Caliban) 04:17
 4. Resurrection By Erection (Battle Beast) 03:47
 5. Night of the Werewolves (Heaven Shall Burn) 05:15
 6. The Evil Made Me Do It (Kadavar) 05:29
 7. Let There Be Night (Kissin' Dynamite) 04:16
 8. Army of the Night (Amaranthe) 03:02 9. Amen & Attack (Mille Petrozza and Marc Gortz) 03:56 10. When the Saints Are Going Wild (Eluveitie) 03:44

Charles Greywolf Bass, Guitars
Matthew Greywolf Guitars
Falk Maria Schlegel Keyboards
Attila Dorn Vocals
Roel van Helden Drums

The Sacrament of Sin - Powerwolf album review

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