Magic Kingdom - Savage Requiem (2015)

You ask, couldn't the band's name be more cliche? Magic Kingdom, is indeed sounds like the penultimate of power metal archaic. The band is mainly consisted of Dushan Petrossi and Vasiliy Molchanov.  Both are active in another power metal band, Iron Mask. The vocalist for their latest album, Savage Requiem, is Christian Palin, ex-Adagio. The line up completed with Michael Brush in drumming.

Savage Requiem is simply power metal album with lots of shred, neo-classical licks, and symphonic elements. Compared to theirs last album, Symphony of War, the new album didn't has growling vocal elements anymore, this is also the one with heavier music. Songs are typical but have their own merit in each one. "Guardian Angels" started pretty heavy. Nothing can beat the galloping minor scale power metal riffs and thus the first song built up the mood easily. "Rivals Forever" is in the other way, fast guitar licks backed up with string attacks to make up teeth reeling song. If you followed Iron Mask, this song pretty much resembling some of their song in Black As Death album. "Full Moon Sacrifice" is the one with more mid tempo song. "Ship of Ghosts" is the double melodic guitar solo intro, well as we expected, Magic Kingdom quite recycling every possible gimmicks, including the famous Ode of Joy by Beethoven theme in the solo guitar. "Four Demon Kings of Shadowlands" see some more complicated song structure. The most guitar orientated song to be "With Fire and Sword", which see the band trying Yngwie Malmsteen theme. "Dragon Princess" is their ballad and come with piano version, which I prefer. The album finished with "Battlefield Magic", well quite a Baroque theme combined with neo-classical metal altogether.

All songs in Savage Requiem polished well, whether in the beginning intro, song structure and other parts. In short, the album combined many creative points, something that must be interesting when the band is playing in power metal genre. Dushan Petrossi is no doubt the happiest guy in the band as he storm out thousand of amazing licks in each song. Christian Palin voices is enjoyable, strong and has it authority. Magic Kingdom's Savage Requiem in first class power metal album that going to gallop you with magic and fantasy world in any day.

Favorite tracks: Guardian Angels, Ship of Ghosts, Dragon Princess
Metal Harem class: ********** eight stars out of ten

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Magic Kingdom - Savage Requiem (2015)

01. In Umbra Mea 01:08
02. Guardian Angels 07:08
03. Rivals Forever 05:16
04. Full Moon Sacrifice 06:30
05. Ship of Ghosts 04:43
06. Savage Requiem 06:35
07. Four Demon Kings of Shadowlands 07:03
08. With Fire and Sword 05:52
09. Dragon Princess 05:55
10. Battlefield Magic 06:26
11. Dragon Princess (acoustic)

Line Up:
Christian Palin - Vocals (ex-Adagio,)
Dushan Petrossi - Guitars (Arms of War, Iron Mask)
Vasiliy Molchanov - Bass (Iron Mask)
Michael Brush - Drums (Celestial Wish)

Magic Kingdom band artwork

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