Impellitteri - Venom (2015)

Are You Ready? The latest Impellitteri album is here. Venom 2015, is Chris Impellitteri's 10th studio album. Guess what, Rob Rock is on the vocal duty, as always. Well, the last Impellitteri's studio album is  "Wicked Maiden" in 2009, and if the Rob Rock's album counted in, his latest "solo" album dated 2007 in "Garden of Chaos". So, it's been quite a long time for the duo rest their guitar neck and microphone. Beyond this point, we got some of side projects by them, Impellitteri in AniMetal series, and Rob Rock in Driver "Countdown".

What we got in Venom is the revival of Impellitteri + Rob Rock classics. The melodic metal song + shred guitar that once famously done in Impellitteri's "Eye of the Hurricane" era . The first track, "Venom", is of course venomous in every aspect. The guitar main theme riffs is hot, shredding on a sick neo-classical influence arpeggios, harmoniously unison-ed by the drum roll, is definitely coherent with Rob Rock screaming "Are you ready???". The second track "Empire of Lies" continue the streak of stormy drum beat and shredding guitar licks. The vocal kind of trying to hit any highest pitch available there by Rob Rock. Lots of interesting melodic singing line backed up with thunderous backing vocal. The 3rd song is very Whitesnake in my ear, "We Own the Night" is maybe deliberately a mixing between "Fool for Your Loving" with "Still of the Night" in the spirit of Dave Coverdale. In other word, a classic '80s heavy metalium. The pace is slow down when we reach "Face the Enemy" intro, but don't get fool around, the song developed into mid to fast heavy metal tunes. The song is once again more '80s heavy metal rather than the typical Impellitteri's power metal. Talking about power metal, the one that comes with that is closely done in "Time Machine", typical power metal riffs is preserved well too. Other notes are "Jehovah", and you bet this is one of their religious song as the title (may) suggest. This is answered with "Rise" in the next play list.

You can't asked for more guitar works as in every song, Chris spoiled us with his faster-than-the-speed-of-light solos. The other enjoyable thing is the drumming. The drum is so kicking ass it sounds like machine gun firing with all his cylinders. Well done by Jon Dette, who list of experiences ranging from Killing Machine, Anthrax to Slayer. The bassist on is album is James Amelio Pulli, perfectly escorting the rhythm part and you bet he got an excellent time working with the three other guys. Venom is worth  the six years spend in waiting. Chris Impellitteri definitely refresh his band with this album. Get them fast.

Favorite tracks: Venom, We Own the Night, Time Machine
Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

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Impellitteri - Venom (2015)

1. Venom
2. Empire of Lies
3. We Own the Night
4. Nightmare
5. Face the Enemy
6. Domino Theory
7. Jehovah
8. Rise
9. Time Machine
10. Holding On

Chris Impellitteri - Guitars (ex-Vice, Animetal USA)
Rob Rock - Vocals (Driver, ex-M.A.R.S., ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Joshua Perahia)
James Amelio Pulli - Bass
Jon Dette - Drums (Killing Machine, Anthrax (live), Iced Earth (live), Metal Machine (live), ex-Apocalypse, Animetal USA, ex-Testament, ex-Heathen (live), ex-Slayer (live))

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