Animetal USA - W - 2012

A combination of metal and Japanese anime? You bet that already has a long history on it. Japan culture is colonialism through Asia and went far to USA. For a mutual retaliation, USA export the music, included heavy metal to the rising sun islanders. The Animetal USA is direct tribute to Animetal Japan, band that specialist cover anime song into metal version. If you fans of anime, tokusatsu and other Japan craziness, Animetal is part of collectibles you should already aware. Just a tribute is not enough, forming the Animetal USA is none other than Chris Impellitteri , Mike Vescera and supported by Rudy Sarzo and Jon Dette (Testament, Slayer etc.). For Impellitteri, he is/was part of western shredder that linked very much to Japan fans. Same as Chris is Marty Friedman who was also part of Animetal doing the arrangements. For Mike Vescera, his years with Loudness should exposed him enough background knowledge on the materials. Both name is a good choice to aims both Japanese fans and non-Anime fans.

For all of the songs, the background knowledge is necessary for fully enjoy it. The songs that made the most interest to me is the anime / tokusatsu that I really familiar, to their original openings and soundtrack. Kamen Rider and Goranger in track 3 Hero Medley is completely killer. Goranger is the first Super Sentai show starting late '70s,. To get the picture of Goranger, it is a rainbow colors super hero team that literally franchised to USA in a name of Power Ranger, starting in early '90s. Dragon Ball Medley is part of teenage-hood memory. Then the real good stuff, that the original version also totally killing by Animetal, is Magic Knight Rayearth OP. Girl's Anime Medley is a fun part, considering how girly the material is for, but Mike Vescera singing Sailor Moon theme is totally awesome. Then the nostalgic Macross theme is also chilling, the series is part of outer space anime together with Gundam that form a sub-genre in anime. For Gundam, I hope get covered in the next project. For a recent soundtrack is Touch, One Piece and of course Naruto in Rock Lee's character theme.

Chris Impellitteri lead the guitar, together with the bassist and drummer nailed each his riff and solos into first class action of power / heavy metal. The solos in the Hero Medley was really Impellitteri standard of neo classical shred. In fact, Animetal USA is overdone most of the composition, turning them into more western power metal standard. Gone is the addition of brasses, old Japan style pumping bass line and the tenor singing that actually what memorable in the original versions. But again, this is totally awesome project, so much fun to dig in if you are anime literates fans. For non-anime / otaku , you lost half the excitements and the project will only serves you as regular power / heavy metal album. Specific market for Animetal USA but I bet the crowd are enough to make this project keep going.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Animetal USA - W - 2012
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01. Touch (Touch OP)
02. CAT’S EYE” (Cat’s Eye OP)
03.Hero Medley
~Devilman no Uta (Devilman OP)
~Let’s go Rider Kick (Kamen Rider OP)
~Tatakae! Kamen Rider V3 (Kamen Rider V3 OP)
~Himitsu Sentai Goranger (Himitsu Sentai Goranger ED)
~Ultra Seven no Uta (Ultra Seven OP)
04. “Dragon Ball Medley”
~CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Dragon Ball Z 1st OP)
~WE GOTTA POWER (Dragon Ball Z 2nd OP)
05. Galaxy Express 999″(Galaxy Express 999 Theme Song)
06. We Are! (ONE PIECE 1st OP)
07. Yuzurenai Negai (Magic Knight Rayearth OP)
08. Girl’s Anime Medley”
~Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon OP)
~Cutie Honey(Cutie Honey OP)
~Attack No. 1 theme (Attack No. 1 OP)
~Himitsu no Akko-chan (Himitsu no Akko-chan OP)
~Mahoutsukai Sally (Mahoutsukai Sally OP)
09. Ai Oboeteimasuka / Do You Remember Love?
~(Macross: Do You Remember Love Theme Song)
10. JAM Project Medley (~VANGUARD~MAX ON~SKILL)
11. Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee (NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals OP)

Metal-Rider (Mike Vescera) - Vocals
Speed King (Chris Impellitteri) - Guitar
Storm Bringer (Rudy Sarzo) - Bass
Tank (Jon Dette) - Drums

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