Crucified Barbara - The Midnight Chase 2012

The ladies are getting better and better in doing rock n' roll by their own. One of them is Crucified Barbara, the all girls hard rock/metal band hailed from Sweden. They were a quartet, already giving the world three studio albums since 2005. Their latest album The Midnight Chase release in 2012 and pushing hard on the boundary between hard rock and heavy metal.

Almost all songs are build up on a catchy, crispy, crunchy and raw guitar riff then followed up with raw  vocals by Mia Coldheart, their frontwoman and guitarist. Just a couple seconds of the first track The Crucifier, we fell the raw energy in hard rock erupted almost spontaneously. Shut Your Mouth is remind us to the glam metal of the early 90s with its thick leading riff and beat. For something different we have Rules And Bones, with its dictating bass line and drumming introduction. The girls also good at aiming commercial tricks, hyper-commercial as mentioned by many actually. For this, listen to song Rock Me Like The Devil that just released as video clip recently. The rest of album are Kid From the Upperclass and The Midnight Chase, all good ones. The ballad is only on Count Me In, where they do a pop rock type of song.

Good album that bring out many fresh idea on a simple hard rock / '90s metal platform. They are obviously talented musicians. Perhaps not too fireworks guitar solos in there but all the simple fill in solos are perfectly done the job. Must say the present of female voices is giving that sexy aspect and able to bring fresh dimension to the songs. Mia Coldheart is sound like Lita Ford in a slightly metal form. The production also nice with all the bass and drumming bring out clean. Only the cover album can be done better, I think. This is a good album that are easy listening, commercial, enough fiery to head bang with the music.
Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Crucified Barbara - The Midnight Chase 2012
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01.The Crucifier
02. Shut Your Mouth
03. Into The Fire
04. Rules And Bones
05. Everything We Need
06. If I Hide
07. Rock Me Like The Devil
08. Kid From The Upperclass
09. The Midnight Chase
10. Count Me In
11. Rise And Shine

Mia Coldheart - vocals, guitar
Klara Force - guitars
Ida Evileye - bass
Nicky Wicked - drums

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