Soulspell - Hollow's Gathering 2012

Soulspell is Latin America or to be precise, Brazil's answer to Avantasia. The project follow exact concept in doing a 'metal opera' project. The project leader is drummer Heleno Vale. Crowd of singers and musicians are invited to this project. If you like to snapshot the singers, Blaze Bayley, Mike Vescera, Amanda Somerville, Matt Smith or Tim "The Ripper" Owen, a new Soulspell album, Hollow's Gathering is a work to get them all in this concise. The album is the third chapter from Soulspell, after released two previous album since 2008. So embrace yourself to this exciting opera.

A clever way to start the album with haunting female singing in the intro of Hollow's Gathering. Then a nine minutes re-introduction to Soulspell storyline begin. The length is necessary to gathered singers in encoring the verses and chorus right from this track. The second act A Rescue Into The Storm is easier work to enjoy. Most of songs required a lyric in hand to fully enjoy, this is because the story telling song writing take priority in the composition. The other things is female singing parts are mostly the strong points. Favorite parts are To Crawl Or To Fly featuring Matt Smith / Amanda Somerville and Change The Tide that has Mike Vescera contributed the vocals. Heard the heavy metal groove in The Dead Tree as well.

Although in the spirit of Avantasia's metal opera, actually Soulspell is a more intense work to get into. Avantasia's approach with its anthemic and power choruses, but on Hollow's Gathering the song compositions is more difficult. This project come in between commercial Avantasia and technical Aina, the other notable metal opera project. So, runs the disc several times to get the best replay value. Cover artworks are directly by Felipe Machado Franco, the same original artist for Tobias Sammet. Strongly advised to not miss out this album.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Soulspell - Hollow's Gathering 2012
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01. Hollow's Gathering
02. A Rescue Into The Storm
03. To Crawl Or To Fly
04. Anymore
05. Adrian's Call
06. Change The Tide
07. From Hell
08. The Keeper's Game
09. The Dead Tree
10. Whispers Inside You
Additional info
Mixed by Matt Smith
Cover art by Felipe Machado Franco

Amanda Somerville [Avantasia, Trillium]
Blaze Bayley [ex. Iron Maiden]
Carlos Zema  [ex. Outworld]
Daísa Munhoz [Vandroya]
Gui Antonioli
Iuri Sanson [Hibria]
Jefferson Albert [Vandroya]
Leandro Caçoilo [ex. Eterna]
Lígia Ishitani
Lucas Martins
Manuela Saggioro
Mário Pastore [Pastore]
Matt Smith [Theocracy]
Michel Souza
Michael Vescera [ex. Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Animetal USA]
Nando Fernandes [ex. Hangar]
Pedro Campos
Tito Falaschi [Almah]
Tim "Ripper" Owens [ex. Judas Priest, Iced Earth]
Victor Emeka

Cleiton Carvalho – Guitar
Marco Lambert [Vandroya] – Guitar
Rodolfo Pagotto [Vandroya] – Guitar
Rollie Feldman [Circle II Circle] – Guitar
Thiago Amendola – Guitar
Leandro Erba – Guitar
Markus Grosskopf – Bass
Tito Falaschi [Almah] – Bass
Fernando Giovannetti – Bass
Fábio Laguna – Keyboards
Frank Tischer [Avantasia, Edguy] – Piano
Gabriel Magioni – Keyboards
Gabriel Viotto – Drums
Heleno Vale – Drums
Edu Santos – Drums

Metal Opera fantasy artwork Felipe Machado Franco

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