Custard Infested by Anger (2012)

There must be too many bands in every corner of Germany that force this band using Custard as a power metal band name. Custard is well established but yet too well known arise from Herne, Germany. They are original to their sounds, already come out with about five albums including today's Infested by Anger. If you like a raw and classy sound, listen to their first album Kingdoms of Your Life as well. Olli Strasser is the vocalist, sing in high pitch in similar to Rob Halford hell high screaming. They also have female member, Anna Olejniczak is serving as guitarist, but not "too exploit" to provide vocals / backvocals in power metal band setting.

Album's overall feel is raw and fresh. The production is bit of demo-like crispy sounds. Don't take it wrong, the quality is crystal clear. Bass sounds also well exposed a la Iron Maiden. This setting sounds awesomely brutal in the second track Gods of War. The '80 signature screaming starts the military theme song, The Parachute Infantry. The other metal songs that can give big smile is Black Friday and 300. Endless Pain is a track with good bass leading to set up a sad mood.The band then starts the second part of album with By Fire and Sword, A Knight and other metal-dragon-knight theme songs. These are slightly less catch up with the first part of album. Not a big deal since this is an over 60 minutes album, adding extra fun tracks is very much welcome.

It's seems like every member get a good spot in final mixing, we can clearly listen to every instruments. The songs actually well composed with many additional backing chorus. Drummer Chris Klapper is noted as the only original founder. Guitar sounds setting is high end frequency, giving the classic speed metal distortion sounds. Many parts of the song has bass player coming out with interesting accentuation. A classic sound heavy / power metal album that will not upset fans of this genre.

Custard Infested by Anger (2012)
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1. Call of Ares 01:26
2. Gods of War 04:27
3. The Parachute Infantry 00:23
4. Death from Above 03:12
5. My Last Breath 03:19
6. Black Friday 05:25
7. Time to Bleed 06:10
8. 300 04:36
9. Endless Pain 05:41
10.By Fire and Sword 05:06
11.A Knight 04:55
12.Dead Shall Rise 05:31
13.Hellheart 05:45
14.Only Dust 04:48
15.Infested by Anger 01:41

Olli Strasser - vocals
Carsten Reichart - guitar
Anna Olejniczak - guitar
Markus Berghammer - bass
Chris Klapper - drums

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