Galneryus Angel of Salvation 2012

Japan frontline neo classical metal band Galneryus just released their 2012 album. For Asians artist, pulled out an album per year is the common pace of production. Year ago Galneryus gave us Phoenix Rising, a rather step away from their neo classical metal. In Angel of Salvation, our 2012 album, they are back.

Reach To The Sky is the opening act, an instrumental overture that equal to soundtrack of a film. The Promised Flag then followed up in full speed power metal. The song marked the very close comeback Galneryus to the neo classical platform. Lonely As A Stranger for a rather heavy metal feel and Hunting For Your Dream is a sample of Japanese power metal where the singing style completely different from European or USA counterpart.

Finally, Angel of Salvation is the main act. Fourteen minutes epic, the theme is directly borrowed from Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major op.35. Guitarist Syu transcribe the guitar solos using the same notes Tchaikovsky. The legend told, Tchaikovsky once asked the best violinist in time, Leopold Auer, but Leopold rejected it for a reason beyond human playable.

Masatoshi Ono the lead singer done his J-metal 'melancholy' style, perfectly required for Galneryus. Needless to say, all musicians in this band is all qualified to speed up the song whenever they need it. Although producing album in each coming year, Galneryus came with enough creativity and fireworks to compete with their European shred neo classical metal band. If you like shred material inside metal, and Tchaikovsky, this is a stunning album yet you need to collect.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Galneryus Angel of Salvation 2012
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1. Reach To The Sky
2. The Promised Flag
3. Temptation Through The Night
4. Lonely As A Stranger
5. Stand Up For The Right
6. Hunting For Your Dream
7. Lament
8. Infinity
9. Angel Of Salvation
10. Longing

Masatoshi Ono - Lead Vocals (ex-Fortbragg)
Syu - Guitars (Alieson, Spinalcord, Masaki Project, ex-Animetal, ex-Valkyr, ex-Aushvitz)
Taka - Bass
Yuhki - Keyboards (Alhambra, Ark Storm, Katsu Ohta, Yuhkinen, ex-Prophesia)
Junichi Sato - Drums (Katsu Ohta, Mephistopheles, Spinalcord, ex-Concerto Moon)

Angel of Salvation in Epic borrowed Tchaikovsky's theme

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