Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine 2012

The last album of Seven Kingdoms in 2010 was one that I enjoy a lot. The main feature to this power metal band is the singer Sabrina Valentine. She sings right in the balance that distinguished to the genre. Not too soft ala Epica, neither too sopranic as in Tarja. Her voice then powerful to carry on the epic power metal song that her band mates composed wonderfully. Now, Seven Kingdoms third released is up, The Fire Is Mine. This album continue very much what the 2010 album did. They are based in Florida, US.

After The Fall is their first work that being released via youtube earlier. Of course after the typical symphonic intro called Beyond The Wall. Just a few second in its verses the guitar fills give a great promising start. Guitar works are wonderful between guitarist Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd, two rising star to the genre. Forever Brave coming up with more epic melody in the intro, song followed up with nice chord progression in the middle. Something like combining Hammerfall with Dragonforce. Flame Of Olympus is going US power metal feel, think this is the best work to describe Seven Kingdoms' sounds. The Fire Is Mine (Dark Wings, Dark Words - Pt.II) however is not spiced up enough to make it more memorable album title song. After this, is a mellow acoustic ballad Kardia. Sabrina bring us to listen her voice in full focus. The rest of awesome song is In The Twisted Twilight. The King In The North is last song in typical ending climax, achieved by giving enough chorus parts in its.

What fancy is the dual guitar solos that take larger portion in every songs. Production is clear, but a bit of input is Sabrina voices under power by the instrumental in several moments. The Fire Is Mine is a creative power metal works, most of times before the solos is a nice chord progression twist. Third album that marked top of Seven Kingdoms careers.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Seven Kingdoms The Fire Is Mine 2012
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01. Beyond The Wall
02. After The Fall
03. Forever Brave
04. Flame Of Olympus
05. Symphony Of Stars
06. The Fire Is Mine (Dark Wings, Dark Words - Pt. II)
07. Kardia
08. Fragile Minds Collapse
09. In The Twisted Twilight
10. A Debt Paid In Steel
11. The King In The North

Sabrina Valentine - vocals
Kevin Byrd - guitars
Camden Cruz - guitars
Keith Byrd - drums
Aaron Sluss - bass

Guest musicians
Matt Smith - vocals
Bryan Edwards - vocals
Chris Kinder - vocals
Jim Morris - vocals
Lindsay Vitola - vocals
Patrick "Hoyt" Parris - vocals
John Zambrotto – vocals

Cover artwork in fantasy style

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