Paul Gilbert Vibrato 2012

Guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert release his new album called Vibrato. Everything good, well shred and fast as hell chops. Only one concern, this is a vocalize album, Paul not only tapping, licking and sweeping, he sings also. Nevertheless, I interested only the guitar mastery part. If you already listen Burning Organ or Alligator Farm, this is not faraway from those stuff. In Vibrato Paul still give us light heart hard rock song, the song that literally can be sing with smiley face. The studio band is consist of Thomas Lang in drum.

Rain and Thunder and Lightning sounds so familiar with many reoccurring ideas typically Paul Gilbert's lick. But beside the Racer X-faster-than-light lick, there are also exist different style, as in Bivalve Blues. Blue Rondo Ala Turk although rising eye brow, Gilbert try cover Dave Brubeck is most fun to listen. Although the album is mostly humor at first, Paul Gilbert point out that in Vibrato the song writing get more attention than his past works. In the interview, Neal Morse with whom he work recently being mentioned as his inspiration. Most of song are recorded live, Enemis (in Jail) is claim as one take recording. Style are diverse here, AC/DC cover in Go Down  down to Emi Gilbert's exotic scale in I Want to be Loved (Muddy Water cover). Finally one instrumental track to satisfy our shred need in Roundabout (Yes cover).

Like many guitarist, doing a vocal song writing is big challenge for guitarist and temptating, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani both have that. But apart from listening the highlight solos, there left only Paul Gilbert voice to enjoy. If you avid fans of shredding hard rock , the album is fun to have.

Metalharem class: ****** seven stars out of ten

Paul Gilbert Vibrato 2012
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1. Enemies (in Jail) (Gilbert)
2. Rain and Thunder and Lightning (Gilbert)
3. Vibrato (Gilbert)
4. Put It on the Char (Gilbert)
5. Bivalve Blues (Gilbert)
6. Blue Rondo a la Turk (Brubeck)
7. Atmosphere on the Moon (Gilbert)
8. The Pronghorn (Gilbert)
9. Roundabout (Anderson / Howe)
10. I Want to be Loved (Dixon)
11. Go Down (Young, Young, Scott)

Paul Gilbert – guitar, vocals
Emi Gilbert – keyboards, vocals
Kelly Lemieux – bass
Thomas Lang – drums

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