Obsession - Order of Chaos (2012)

For metal fans, the name Mike / Michael Vescera is bringing many nostalgic moments. He was singer to Loudness in late '80 era as Akira Takasaki's voices for Soldier of Fortune album and several stuff afterward. Then recruited by Yngwie in his late "golden" years, singing in The Seventh Sign and Magnum Opus album. After the heavy / power metal scenes seems diminished in late '90, Mike got to jam with ex Helloween Roland Grapow and helped him did the proper singing in Roland's second solo album Kaleidoscope. Then moves to Brazil to voice Dr.Sin in early 2000. Jump for current time, Mike already releases two major albums exactly in 2012. First was helping shredder Torben Enevoldsen in Fatal Force, then join with Chris Impellitteri to franchise Animetal USA the W album. In his large port folio, there is a band that started it all, it's called Obsession. It is Mike's first homeband that believe responsible where the legend born. Home base in New Haven, Connecticut, Obsession was there since 1982. Releasing three albums before the departure of Mike Vescera, this year Obsession continue their journey with a release of 2012 album, Order of Chaos.

Come to listen this old school power metal, USA power metal. Order of Chaos is the first track and it is platform for Mike Vescera vocal clinic. The style of very high pitch screaming bring us back to Loudness / Yngwie era. Twist of the Knife is actually the small twist of story here. Being worked with many shredding axeman, Mike Vescera Obsession is now join by two phenomenon guitarist. They are John Bruno and Scott Boland. Both are capable of Yngwie's guitar solos. For these features the album got another point of interest to listen on. Most songs are in a typical structures, check License to Kill for killer riff and double harmony guitar of the 80s. Jump to Mercy Killing for another epic guitar riff of the kind. Only When the Smoke Clears starts slightly different with acoustic guitar and fancy bass line.

For most parts, the album will remind Loudness and especially Yngwie Malmsteen featuring Mike Vescera times. Most song of Order of Chaos are coming with two or three layered of chorus line, designated for Mike Vescera voices. Definitely qualify as power metal text book that has enough shredding parts in its. Considering the background information where Mike already presented rather different style in Fatal Force and Animetal USA, Order of Chaos is back to basic in the 80s spirit of metal. Check this out, especially fans of power vocalist Mike Vescera.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Obsession featuring Mike Vescera - Order of Chaos 2012
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1. Order of Chaos   
2. Twist of the Knife   
3. Forbidden Desire   
4. When the Smoke Clears   
5. License to Kill   
6. Wages of Sin   
7. Cold Day in Hell   
8. Act of God   
9. Mercy Killing   
10. Dark Shadows   
11. The Damned

Chris McCarvill Bass 
B.J. Zampa Drums 
John Bruno Guitars (X Factor X)
Michael Vescera Vocals 
Scott Boland Guitars

Album cover

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