Orden Ogan To The End 2012

Dave Mustaine's remark in his twitter and thinks this band is pretty cool. Dave was not mistaken, Orden Ogan combined power metal, heavy metal and as the name suggest, folk metal into their music and wrap them nicely. Especially in their latest, To The End. As fellow Germany, the band come out with a regional metal that now get a familiar term as Teutonic Metal. Combining Blind Guardian, Helloween, and also resemble some of Freedom Call's choruses.

Three to four guitar intros done in canon arrangement is lifting up the mood, that is The Frozen Few. This quickly answered with To The End with its blazzing metal riff and let us enjoy the five minutes of Teutonic power. The Things We Believe In then switch to folk metal in spirit of Blind Guardian. Only then the choruses is happier, and made me compared this to some of Freedom Call stuff. Sure the power chorus is also Orden Ogan strong point, Land Of The Dead is full of them. The Ice Kings starts with a piano intro that I almost hear the galloping drum and riff to followed, but this is not the case, instead The Ice Kings is rather mellow ballad song. Till The Stars Cry Out is Helloween-ish intro and body. This World Of Ice suddenly heavier in guitar tone, build up on rather progressive groove. Dying Paradise is traditional metal feel, a rather Accept-ish, pentatonic riff all around. Mystic Symphony as the titled suggest is lift up symphonic metal elements. This is the song that combined many elements altogether. And the Blind Guardian's Bard Song feel in Angels War followed with extensive instrumentation to make this song also stand out in the last part of the album. Take This Light is the closing credit.  Two bonus tracks, Masks and The Battle Of Waterloo is worth to get. Masks is typical power metal , The Battle Of Waterloo is more interesting, full of folk dancing rhythm.

Guitar solos mostly done in extensive, spanning more that typical fill in solos rounds. Sebastian Levermann as the singer can sing in several mood, from power metal, folk feel and darker accentuation. Drum playing is not bad either of course, when most of the song is double beat at it beast speed. To The End offer variety of power and folk metal. Yes, this is done most of time, but Orden Ogan put more writing stuff to make the album will not passed  away without a 'wow'..Just as Dave Mustaine urged to tweet it.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Orden Ogan To The End 2012
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01. The Frozen Few
02. To The End
03. The Things We Believe In
04. Land Of The Dead
05. The Ice Kings
06. Till The Stars Cry Out
07. This World Of Ice
08. Dying Paradise
09. Mystic Symphony
10. Angels War
11. Take This Light
12. Masks [Limited Edition Digipack bonus]
13. The Battle Of Waterloo [Running Wild cover] [Limited Edition Digipack bonus]

Nils Weise - keyboards, vocals
Dirk Meyer-Berhorn - drums
Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann - vocals, guitar
Tobias "Tobi" Kersting - guitar
Niels Loffler / Spoony - bass

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