Helloween - My God-Given Right (2015)

In 1985 Helloween released Walls of Jericho. Together with immediately Keeper of The Seven Keys I & II , this trilogy formed the very basic of power metal repertoire.  Some may said that everything else are just derivative of them. Die hard fans will divided them into Kai Hansen-era , who involved in all these album. The history saw Helloween gone through Kiske-era, then Deris-era and they are just respectively different to each other. 30 years has gone by, and Helloween is now sit safely as legendary band. The good news is the guys still consistently productive till this days. My God-Given Right (2015), is yet another new album by Helloween. Wikipedia marked this as the "first time the band releases five studio album with the same line up". The band is pretty solid in their later day too. Looking at the cover art, Andi Deris said this is the first cover art that less colorful than any other Helloween cover art previously. Something new from the old band's kitchen?

My God-Given Right is one of Helloween's album that has strong theme as almost a concept album. Major theme in the album is about future apocalypse, an old stuff recycled yet again. Musically speaking, this is the continuation of later day Helloween, quite consistent from their last five albums, a must be so. "Heroes" is the starter song.  The intro riffs is quite heavy and run in progressive-like scale rather than melodic power metal. When Andi Deris starts the song, the aroma of Helloween is immediately spread to the air. No doubt the song fits in Helloween, more precise the 2000s era of Helloween. "Battle's Won" to follow. This one is has more "happy" sound, with theatrical intro. The choruses still typically Helloween, something reminiscence of Mission Motherland. "My God-Given Right" is the closest point in the album to connected with oldies classic. The first couple bar of the song is the tribute of Power. Not sure about the anomaly in "Stay Crazy", where the intro is something like Iron Maidenesque bass line. Indeed this song in contrast quite different from typical Helloween, so something fresh to listen.

"Lost In America" is then to bring us back to power metal. Together in Battle's Won, these two songs released earlier as the singles. It brings back simple power metal with twin galloping guitars. "Russian Roule" is more of whammy guitar works in the intro. Song is again untypically Helloween. "The Swing Of A Fallen World" is darker mid tempo song, already heard since The Dark Ride era. Through the last album released two years ago, My God-Given Right is fully packed with 16 songs. The later material notable mentioned is "If God Loves Rock 'N' Roll", well, typical Helloween playing the God-theme song. "You, Still Of War", a long seven minutes song that also reminded us to A Tale That Wasn't Right feel. The rest are compilation of interesting ideas that maybe little to connect with the thirty years ago Helloween.

In any case, all songs infused with very high technical playing. Helloween surely not lessened their armor of licks after 30 years of practice. In fact, their music seems rising in complicity. Not a surprise since 30 years ago Keeper of the Seven Keys thirteen minutes composition is the epic works unparalleled by their contemporary. My God-Given Right is brand new Helloween album, material are mixed from old classic recreated , up to new fresh idea. Another meet the expectation released by the pumpkin guys.

Favorite tracks:
Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

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Helloween - My God-Given Right (2015)

01. Heroes
02. Battle's Won
03. My God-Given Right
04. Stay Crazy
05. Lost In America
06. Russian Roulé
07. The Swing Of A Fallen World
08. Like Everybody Else
09. Creatures In Heaven
10. If God Loves Rock 'N' Roll
11. Living On The Edge
12. Claws
13. You, Still Of War
14. I Wish I Were There (Bonus Track)
15. Wicked Game (Bonus Track)
16. Free World (Bonus Track)

    Andi Deris – lead vocals
    Michael Weikath – lead and rhythm guitars
    Sascha Gerstner – lead and rhythm guitars
    Markus Grosskopf – bass
    Daniel Löble – drums


    Charlie Bauerfeind - production
    Martin Häusler - cover art

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