Mark Slaughter – Reflections in a Rear View Mirror (2015)

Good news for Mark Slaughter fans. Frontman of '90 hard rock band Slaughter back to the recording studio and release his solo album, Reflections in a Rear View Mirror. We can listen again to Mark's uniquely high pitch vocals with almost an album of old '90s hard rock songs. Mark Slaughter handle all the instruments except for the drum, played by Mark Goodin. Michael Wagener is the big names behind the mixing board. All set for one more glorious days of melodic rock.

The first song, Away I Go, is quite typical Slaughter song.  It goes in dynamic rhythm, hard rocking guitar riffs as the song's base and don't be surprise to hear sound effects in play. The one that obviously in the spirit of '90 is Never Givin' Up. Strong vocals harmony and AOR-like choruses is bringing back the old days. Carry Me Back Home represented the sentiments of carry us back to the nostalgic era with this sweet ballad. As you aware, Mark's song writing and composing talent is enormous in all songs we heard. Carry Me Back Home is a rich song in composition, quite unusual blending of pop-rock synth, mandolin-like sound etc. The other easy listening ballad is Baby Wants, a duet of piano and bluesy guitar in the beginning where it all leads to powerful choruses. The flexibility of Mark Slaughter song also best heard in Don't Turn Away, where he sings duet with Gena Johnson in another ballad song. In the most extreme idea is In Circle Flight, where we presented with Fastern-east instrumental flute theme. The last song, Deep In Her Heart, is rich in orchestration, perfectly acted as the closing song of the album.

Reflections in a Rear View Mirror comprised lots of Mark Slaughter creative ideas. Songs are not so hard and wild as in their Slaughter band. Instead, Mark taking more liberty in bringing anything that suited his song writing. Songs are still having their roots can be trace to Slaughter's era, the ballad songs can easily remind us to Days Gone By or It'll be Alright hits in the '90s. Enjoy this package of melodic rock album.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Mark Slaughter – Reflections in a Rear View Mirror (2015)

01. Away I Go
02. Never Givin’ Up
03. Miss Elainious
04. Carry Me Back Home
05. The Real Thing
06. Baby Wants
07. Don’t Turn Away
08. Somewhere Isn’t Here
09. In Circle Flight
10. Velcro Jesus
11. Deep In Her Heart

Mark Slaughter – Lead Vocals,Guitar,Bass,Keyboards
Mark Goodin – Drums
Gena Johnson – Guest Vocals on “Don’t turn away”
Bill Jordan – Guest Keyboards on “Don’t turn away”
Michael Wagener - Mixing, Mastering

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