Beorn - Time to Dare (2015)

Beorn is newborn Russian band. They are labelled as "modern symphonic / power metal band from Russia. The band's music Beorn - it's heavy guitar riffs; beautiful...". Well prepared by the descriptions, I got to listen and fully agree. Time to Dare is the title of their debut album, consisted of eleven tracks of modern symphonic and power metal stuffs.

The first song they ever had is From Here To Eternity, well, the title surely inspired by their old metal folks from UK. The track is instrumental and it's not a light appetizer as there are tons of orchestrations to win your attention. Coming through that promising prelude is Riders Of The Sky. With such catching ears song title, nothing can surprised us when the song kick off as blazing double pedal beat. Melodic synth licks accompanied by trademark guitar riffs is a warm welcome present from the band. Through its three minutes of glory, amazingly the song bring all the a-b-c of power metal tricks. The second song is having much more the so-called 'originality'. Star Ocean is kind of cross over between power metal, Ibiza house beat and funky bass line. Official lyric video released on this song is a sign that the song also champion by the band themselves. Next is In Quest For Planet Eden, also a plot twist for listener, as the song turned out as sweet piano-based ballad in beginning and only delved into power ballad in the second part. The Chest Of Deadman is following some of classic power metal such as '80s Helloween sound. This basic ingredients are mixed with high energy solos and amazing instrument improvisation to give the song an epic status. Another song with very generic title is Space Invaders, which is the second instrumental track in the album. The band proved that they enjoy very much this setting and the outcome is a highly aesthetic instrumental composition. The rest of the album are typical power metal tracks with outer space theme. The band does not hesitate to bring in lot of keyboards and symphonic tricks to each song. Which bring us to the last song is ,Coming Home,  recently had been released as instrumental on their Youtube channel.

Time to Dare can be described as very interesting album. Beorn prove the genre still have so much corner to exploit. In between their blazing drum kicks and guitar riffs, there inserted many excellence solos. Much of those details rely on their individual skills, which is beyond adequate. Time To Dare is blend of generic power metal with innovative sounds without ruined the main character. This idea actually already known by several bandsm but Beorn stick to this anyway. With such promising debut, Beorn has conquered the first step to become part of power metal storm, especially coming from Eastern side of the scenes.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

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Beorn - Time to Dare (2015) 

01. From Here To Eternity (instrumental)
02. Riders Of The Sky
03. Star Ocean
04. In Quest For Planet Eden
05. The Chest Of Deadman
06. Space Invaders (instrumental)
07. Galaxy In flames
08. Phantom Ship
09. Ray Of Hope (Incubus Ex Abyssus)
10. The Beast
11. Coming Home

Gregory Kryukov - Vocal
Andrey Zvonaryov - Guitars
Alexey Zvonaryov - Bass
Pavel Salikov - Guitars

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