Axxis - Retrolution (2017)

Although being a hard rock band since the '80s, Axxis must be the lesser known son of Germany heavy metal. They were first known with their debut album, Kingdom of the Night, which released in 1989. Along with Accept, Scorpions, Helloween, Blind Guardian, the scene is a bit too crowd for international fans to reach Axxis. I myself included. I should considered lucky as I introduced to Axxis just only in recent years. My last experiences with Bernhard Weiß (the vocalist) and friends was in their 2014 double album : Kingdom of the Night II. Those two was very fine albums for me and stay in my player list for so long. That mean the expectation to hear more in this new album is high. Retrolution, a wordplay for Retro and Revolution,  shipped out in January 2017. As the album title suggest, this should be Axxis doing what they best, a retro '80s melodic rock with  digital age revolution sounds.

A quick shout out, Retrolution is doing fine! The first track "Burn! Burn! Burn!" is simple hard rock song with catchy twang guitar riff. Axxis strongest asset is their song writings that are simply melodic and enjoyable. This song, and many incoming, are showcase of that. The second song "All My Friends Are Liars" is also excellent. The title is already creative, thus turn into memorable chorus that you might unconsciously sing out loud. Be careful not to hum this when you hang out with friends. "Dream Chaser" might started with very cliche keyboard motive, but this song represent all the trademark by Axxis. It's just a short verse and then we completely jump to the chorus, which is always sing-together-friendly. Of the more faster song, "Rock The Night" is the one with full blast and double kick drum. As for slow ballad, try "Queen Of The Wind". One of other thing best found in Axxis is the creative drum pattern. "Somebody Died At The Party" is the song that powered up with that tasty drum solo. This followed by "Heavy Metal Brother" , then the final song "Welcome To My Nightmare".

With Retrolution, I have extended my admiration for Axxis. This band simply always put out the best song written in melodic hard rock. Some new sound found in Retrolution is, there are a number of heavy pentatonic riff done with that rather country-sounds guitar. This album has definitely a significant different compared to their very previous "Kingdom of the Night II" album, that's for sure. So that is a lot of new enjoyment on this album. If you have yet listen to Axxis, this album will do for your introduction also. Come ye all heavy metal brother and welcome to my nightmare.

Metal Harem class : ********** nine stars out of ten

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Axxis - Retrolution (2017) 

01. Burn! Burn! Burn!
02. All My Friends Are Liars
03. Dream Chaser
04. Burn Down Your House
05. Rock The Night
06. The World Is Mine
07. Do It Better
08. Queen Of The Wind
09. Seven Devils
10. This Is My Day
11. Somebody Died At The Party
12. Heavy Metal Brother
13. Welcome To My Nightmare
14. Demons Dare To Stay [CD bonus]

    Bernhard Weiß - vocals (1988–present)
    Harry Oellers - keyboard (1988–present)
    Rob Schomaker - bass (2004–present)
    Dirk Brand - drums (2012–present)
    Stefan Weber - guitars (2015–present)

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