Axxis - Kingdom of the Night II (Black and White Edition) (2014)

Those who didn't catch up with Axxis on their '80s debut, now have a chance to do so. The band from Germany is celebrating the debut's 25th anniversary by double album releases Kingdom of the Night II, White and Black edition separately. These are albums that trying to recreated Kingdom of the Night vibes, which is their most successful debut album. It's showcase the band root's simply in melodic metal and hard rock. You going to find all classic tunes in this album.

Here's the quick run through on White Edition. Hall of Fame is a thick guitar driven AoR song, directly put us back to the end of '80s melodic rock scenes. Considered this is a new song, it is the band's merit to able create such a high spirit song based on that era. Heaven in Paradise also a great song, thick AOR as the first one, more keyboard and drumming creativity, awesome choruses. Living in a Dream, another simple song with great chorus. 21 Crosses, is rather serious in theme, based on the Love Parade tragedy in Germany July 24th 2010, which taken 21 life. Emotional ballads as a tribute to all victims. For those looking for harder tunes, Dance into Life, is power metal alike fast song with catchy keyboard riffs. Mary Married a Monster is double song that tied to the Black's edition. We Are the World is a world theme music with folk instrument and folk elements. Jump to the end track is Temple of Rock, arena type drumming intro then the song is the last awesome song for this double album.

The band deliberately try to copy themselves with their debut's styles, and they do it right away. This is the album that keep you asking, why the hell is today's band not doing this anymore. Although going into the '80s era, this album simply sounds fresh today. A surprise indeed, because on Axxis later days, the band has gone into heavier metal styles as in Doom in Destiny for example. Kingdom of the Night II are excellent albums for hard rock fans, those longing for quality melodic rock.

Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

Axxis - Kingdom of the Night II (White Edition) (2014)
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01. Hall of Fame 03:38
02. Heaven in Paradise 03:54
03. Living in a Dream 04:19
04. 21 Crosses 05:07
05. My Eyes 03:42
06. Dance into Life 04:15
07. Mary Married a Monster (Her Version) 04:05
08. We Are the World 03:18
09. Take Me Far Away 03:16
10. Gone with the Wind 03:18
11. Temple of Rock 04:01

Axxis - Kingdom of the Night II (Black Edition) (2014)
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01. Kingdom of the Night II 04:15
02. Venom 03:47
03. Beyond the Sky 04:21
04. The War 03:43
05. Never Again 03:50
06. Soulfire 04:14
07. More than for One Day 03:24
08. Lass Dich gehn 04:03
09. Lie After Lie 03:40
10. Mary Married a Monster (Our Version) 03:28
11. Bites Inside 03:55

Bernhard WeiƟ - vocals
Harry Oellers - keyboard
Rob Schomaker - bass
Marco Wriedt - guitars
Dirk Brand - drums

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