Anette Olzon - Shine (2014)

So what happen to dearest Anette Olzon? After her Nightwish storytime, the world seem cruelty abandoned her fame. It is only few months ago she announced a new solo album and being released this week. Shine is understandable an album with completely different tones and style, in comparition to Nightwish. As we can put the same to Tarja as well, this album is trying to reach wider audiences, but still depended her luck on her Nightwish-fan base. Shine is by far a pop-rock in majority. The producer is Stefan Örn of Eurovision, so you got the idea.

Nevertheless, as symphonic metal singer alumni, she reserved a spot in our community. Most of the songs are simple and short. Like A Show as the opener, a mellow pop rock with sweet strings and synth beats. Honestly speaking this album did not mean as a metal revenge to Nightwish. Instead Anette jump into the style that looks like fit her singing. The main title, Shine, is still without a sounds of guitar distortion. This is much thicker Euro dance track. The song is nice and easy to listen. The song that represent slightly similarity to gothic rock can be found in Lies. In this song, Anette explored lower voices so that the album have wider dynamic range. All the rest are simple song with only one or two main melody. One Million Piece is a nice piano ballad in the near end.

This is for sure a light and playful album. I don't think this is much a serious project with only 35 minutes in running. The things that rather interesting is, where is Anette heading for? Just observed Tarja, she is firmly putting foot into operatic-pop-rock genre, which is very strong and Tarja still the big sister in the circle. Anette should be no problem tackling the softer, pop-rock genre, with her known popularity. But this is a huge maneuver and I still believe some of Nightwish fans eager to listen heavier stuff from Anette. Either way, Shine is a first sign that she wanted to still existed. The room is still wider open for Anette to explored.

Metal Harem class: ******** seven stars out of ten

Anette Olzon - Shine (2014)
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1. Like A Show
2. Shine
3. Floating
4. Lies
5. Invincible
6. Hear Me
7. Falling
8. Moving Away
9. One Million Faces
10. Watching Me From Afar

Producer - Stefan Örn (2011 Eurovision Song Contest winning track ‘Running Scared’),
Co Producer - Johan Glössner, Anette Olzon
Mixed by Kronlund, Nicklas Flykt and Ronny Lahti

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