Delain - The Human Contradiction (2014)

Dutch front gothic metaller, Delain is on their fourth studio album called The Human Contradiction. As with their previous albums, such as the most recent We Are the Others, the new album sticks close to their existing style. Heavy guitar distortion layer, combined with savvy synthesizer beat effects. On top of that, singer Charlotte Wessels is still the dominating factor in listening Delain.

Charlotte Wessels starts the album with her solos intro in Here Come the Vultures. The song kind of sad and mysterious in mood, something like bring us back to the '60s thriller movie soundtrack. On the second song is their heaviest track featuring Marco Hietala. Your Body Is A Battleground, is catchy song with full orchestra and choruses supports. It got a nice grrove as well. Guitar solos are there, but instead of giving speed light shredding, the solos play a long sustain notes with melody line integrated into the song. On classic piano ballad in gothic metal mood is Tell Me, Mechanist, featuring George Oosthoek. Sing To Me, is also another interesting song, dynamic singing line, symphonic metal, low string power chord and Marco Hietala harsh voices. They did not forget to also play a synthesizer dance beat elements, as found in Army of Dolls. For a total string and piano number is on the ballad Scarlet. Alissa White-Gluz from Agonist contributed her death metal voices in song of The Tragedy of the Commons.

The Human Contradiction also comes with another full disc of bonuses, a Live versions and orchestra version of their previous songs. On the album, the Human Contradiction is yet another wonderful stuffs of gothic metal / rock. It is the time now where Delain should stand equal to Within Temptation and Epica, all from the motherland of Netherland. In fact, where as those two bands are now heading for a new ventures, Delain is still in their original path where they just beginning to peak in quality. Charlotte Wessels has a great balance voices, wide range and flexibility. Beside the two opening cuts, Here Come the Vultures and Your Body Is A Battleground, I recommend Sing To Me and The Tragedy of the Commons as most favorite tracks of the album.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Delain - The Human Contradiction (2014) 
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01. Here Come the Vultures
02. Your Body Is a Battleground (featuring Marco Hietala)
03. Stardust
04. My Masquerade
05. Tell Me, Mechanist (featuring George Oosthoek)
06. Sing To Me (featuring Marco Hietala)
07. Army of Dolls
08. Lullaby
09. The Tragedy of the Commons (featuring Alissa White-Gluz)
10. Scarlet
11. Don't Let Go
12. My Masquerade (Live)
13. April Rain (Live)
14. Go Away (Live)
15. Sever (Live)
16. Stay Forever (Live)
17. Sing To Me (Orchestra version)
18. Your Body Is A Battleground (Orchestra version)

Charlotte Wessels (vocals)
Martijn Westerholt (keys)
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass)
Sander Zoer (drums)
Timo Somers (guitar)

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