Lord Symphony – The Lord’s Wisdom (2014)

No kidding, Indonesia is one of top country in the SE Asia region regarding music cultures. As a result, the Republic raised many hard rock and heavy metal bands to please the public interest. Indonesia has been home to '80s hard rock legends such as God Bless, then Slank and many others. On the metal disciples, Edane was the main force back in '90s. These bands, in my memories, were far away ahead of their region's comrades. For side infos, Indonesia not only excelled hard music, but the annual Jak-Jazz is a major Jazz festival in international caliber. With such great achievement, it's only natural to have the republic one or two Symphonic Metal bands. But wait a seconds, on closer look, is there any notable Indonesian's power metal or symphonic band? Unfortunately, eventhough Helloween was quite a legend in Indonesia, none of the local young talent seems able to nurtured a decent power metal band. This is quite a phenomenons, the root of the problem is the country taste seems has little room for 'technical' music. The first philosophy is easy listening and easy to play, street level song, that the audiences interested at. In simple saying, literally there are only two styles of bands in Indonesia, first is the combination of boy-bands + rock thus fall in the term of Indo-rock styles, and on the far far other end, there are Indo-underground scenes. On the later, they are so ultra extreme half-grown-up-kids mambo stereotype, that the majority of the bands will give you a rainbow puke for their quality!

Enter, Lord Symphony! Hail, the sacrificial son of Indonesia power symphonic metal. Perhaps the strongest force in the resurrection of the genre nowadays. Lord Symphony was power / speed metal band from Indonesia, their base in Center Java province. Their mission is to re-introduce power metal into the local audiences. Literally, this is not difficult, because the names of Rhapsody of Fire, Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma-Ray, all well known in this fifth most populous country in the world. Lord Symphony naively cited that those are bands of their influence. Great! The Lord's Wisdom is their second released as far as information gathered here. This is an album 100% percent deals with European symphonic metal spirit. The cover album is the one that win me over, the twin candi referred to Indonesian rich Hindu-Buddhist Javanese civilization, which promised to be incorporated into their songs. Rumored told the cover artwork was by artist with Deep Purple portfolio.

Prelude: Enter the.... , is the power metal intro with obvious song title. Gate of Lord is the main teaser, the opening riffs is promising. The improvisation followed on is putting the band in the same leagues of their far European rival of the same music styles. This is a lengthy instrumental track actually, cool! With this track, the musical skill requirements examination for power metal is far behind passed by the members. The party seems over, but with the introduction of Devil's Emotion, it is actually just begin. The song again enjoyed enormous amount of sentimentalization intro before we introduced to their vocalist, Monk Bhodi, who voices is metallic rough, reminds us to Kai Hansen! The music comparison can be described as similar to Gamma Ray as well. Mirror is yet another catchy song, with unique synthesizer intro followed by twin riffs attack, the song is a little bit glam metal feel, but in the shower of double pedal drums. Earth Beneath the Sky is their serious epic number, started slow then ascending into metal blast. We got to listen the ability of their singer in cleaner voices. Of course it will not be symphonic metal without the triumphant overture, Magic Knight's Destiny, is traditional speed metal of the '80s. Save the Universe is a track where the band half down their speed. Then we reach the Interlude: Moment of Silence, another musical rest for the next chapter. It's a bit of over repetitive for the theme, so a little bit of patience is required. The remaining four tracks serves mostly the same musical styles as the first half of the album. We got interesting drumming demo in the Key to Heaven.

Lord Symphony step up from the Indonesian crowd by playing power metal, instead of the over exposed 'easy-listening' Indo-rock that has more money. The band is on the same level if the European power metal scene was used as point of references. Lord Symphony has all the potential, highly trained band members, and their song writing skills are adequate to move on. The Lord's Wisdom is rich in writing, killer twin guitars solos and riffs and precise drumming. Of course, as the band that just existed, there are number of homework that need to be addressed. First, the mixing quality. The Lord's Wisdom didn't seems enjoy the worth mixing quality and most of the guitar sounds actually sounds inconsistent for each songs. The Lord's Wisdom is several step behind their European's comrades in term of sounds. This album sounds like they are published in the '80s. Secondly, is the classic originality issue. As far as they are from European crowds, but the fact is Indonesian power metal fans already has enough of Rhapsody of Fire, Helloween and Gamma Ray, how about putting power metal with lots of Indonesian ethnic elements. This idea seems still hesitated to be implemented by Lord Symphony even though they are exactly in the epicentrum of Candradimuka. A lots of gamelans, angklung, or peasant' flute is to be expected with such cover album in front. Third, the technically vocalist character that need to be internationally standard to voices English spoken lyrics, and without traces of local accent. Overall, for power metal miles from Olympus, Lord Symphony had done great job. Congratulation for Indonesian power metal fans, support the band and bought this album!

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Lord Symphony – The Lord’s Wisdom (2014)
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01. Prelude: Enter the…
02. Gate of Lord
03. Devil’s Emotion
04. Mirror
05. Earth Beneath the Sky
06. Magic Knight’s Destiny
07. Save the Universe
08. Interlude: Moment of Silence
09. Down to Holyland
10. Eleven Keys
11. Key to Heaven
12. Kings Will Be Kings

Monk Bhodi - Voices
Fai - Lead Guitar
Fuad Monster- Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Black - Bass
Dani - Keys
Ujie - Drums

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