Iron Savior - Rise of the Hero (2014)

Iron Savior is the band that specialized in "science fiction power metal" , instead the traditional knight and dragon version. Rise Of the Hero is their eight studio album. Founder Piet Sielck still on the steer with other three fellow band mates. As usual, the styles is mainly heavy power metal, the interest very much rely on Piet's powerful voices.

About 12 songs in the album, well, 2 more bonuses song if you get the Japanese version. Last Hero is very much typical power metal song with lots of crunchy riffs and double pedal attack inside. Revenge Of the Bride is potentially one of favorite song in the album. Combining good song writing, arrangement and vocal execution by Piet. Similar to that one is From Far Beyond Time, only that this one added some more aggressive power metal feel. The title is something like cameos to Blind Guardian's references. On the even faster song is Thunder From The Mountains. There is also Iron Warrior which is single pedal drum heavy metal song. Then, there is mid tempo song as in Dragon King, where it's gives the overall album a dynamics. And the most contrast point is hard rock vibes in Dance with Somebody, well a cover version song indeed. The Demon is the only ballad song on the album. Two previous hits are being re-recorded, I've Been To Hell (from Dark Assault album 2001) and Mind Over Matter (from Unification 1999), which is very much welcomed to make this a perfect album to have.

In short, Rise Of The Hero is pretty much a solid power metal album. You can expect to listen enjoyable vocal works by Piet  accompanied with tons of riffs. All band mate is long time member of Iron Savior whom formed a wonderful musicianship chemistry among them. Compare to their last previous release, The Landing, I can see that Iron Savior continue to raising up their level as Rise of the Hero is simply meet the expectation for fans.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero (2014)
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01. Ascendence (01:29)
02. Last Hero (05:00)
03. Revenge Of The Bride (04:35)
04. From Far Beyond Time (05:17)
05. Burning Heart (04:39)
06. Thunder From The Mountains (05:09)
07. Iron Warrior (04:42)
08. Dragon King (05:43)
09. Dance with Somebody (Mando Diao cover) (03:55)
10. Firestorm (04:58)
11. The Demon (05:02)
12. Fistraiser (04:41)
13. I've Been To Hell (Re-recording Version) (bonus track) (04:05)
14. Mind Over Matter (Re-recording Version) (bonus track) (05:35)

Piet Sielck – Vocals / Guitars
Jan-Sören Eckert – Bass
Thomas Nack – Drums
Joachim "Piesel" Küstner - Guitars
Record Label: AFM Records

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