Demon Hunter - Extremist (2014)

After a quite successful released two years ago in True Defiance, Demon Hunter coming fresh again in new album of 2014, Extremist. This is another fifty minutes of metalcore act, straight away from their garage in Seattle. Extremist did not seemingly any different from True Defiance, except they are kind of going even more melodic and put the growling vocal parts slightly lessen compared to their previous-es.

You got that 2 minutes and a half introductionary track of chanting and growling on Death. Artificial Light is the one that acting as the real opener. It takes one minutes to build up, this is a rich in dynamic metalcore song. The whole song enjoyed a well written song structures, dynamically changing from fast - slow - attack and an interlude phases. What I'm Not is start with distinguished guitar fuzz distortion, a full strength of growling voices leads the whole song entirely. This song utilized an awesome guitar effects. On other hand, there is a song that rely on 'normal' voices, such as in the next track The Last One Alive. I Will Fail You is part of their macro dynamic, putting the tempo into doom-ish slow metronome or you may called it a ballad song. One Last Song is back to full forces. On the most groovy track, is Cross To Bear. A true deep throat slaying tunes. In Time comes with interesting guitar riffs in the its brief intro. Beyond Me is another bombastic song with crazy guitar works in the intro. Together with Gasoline, these two songs implemented a good works of machine-like beat. A bit of light mood and straight forward structure falls to the last track, The Heart Of A Graveyard.

Extremist continued Demon Hunter excellency in controlling their metalcore root with tons of creativity. From guitar works, drumming ideas to synthesizer technology. This is definitely an album with a lot of things to dig. Despite their dark images, Demon Hunter is known for their Christianity based theme, but this doesn't have any significant barrier on their music. Awesome album full of actions.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Demon Hunter - Extremist (2014)
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01. Death
02. Artificial Light
03. What I'm Not
04. The Last One Alive
05. I Will Fail You
06. One Last Song
07. Cross To Bear
08. Hell Don't Need Me
09. In Time
10. Beyond Me
11. Gasoline
12. The Heart Of A Graveyard
13. Waste Me
14. Helpless Hope

Ryan Clark - vocals
Jon Dunn - bass
Timothy "Yogi" Watts - drums
Patrick Judge - guitar
Jeremiah Scott - guitar

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