Steve Jobs (1955-2011), iTunes and Metal Community reactions

I knew Steve Jobs surprisingly not because of his toy, iPhone or iPad or iXXXX. But because in the '80s, Apple was the benchmark and , well, the only toy for doing something digital. That was before Bill Gates and his Microsoft put intel based computer to the even more humanly machine.

But let's not forget how Steve Jobs change the way of music in the last decade. With iTunes, millions amateur musician, especially hungry teenage who play metal music, able to record and sell their music in more faster way. Jobs also created iPad, iPhones etc. as a machine unthinkable before, carry on thousand of music library, in our palm.

He died of illness on 5th October 2011. Curiosly, many famous metal communities pay tribute in their Twitter posting. Some are:

David Ellefson (Megadeth): RIP Steve Jobs. You made us all 'think different'. Thank you and God bless

Neil Zaza : I can't read enough today about Steve Jobs. He was a visionary & a man that wouldn't accept anything less than perfection. A true icon to me

Matt Sorum: "Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. The visionary master"

Dave Weiner: RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you so much for all you have done to make this world better through your genius, inspiring, technological advances.

SebastianBach: "RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks for allowing me to put my whole CD collection in my pocket. You have made air travel a lot more fun"

GUNS N’ ROSES: “When people say it’s not about the possessions but how you’re remembered — they are talking about people like Steve Jobs. RIP”

Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRÜE): “RIP Steve Jobs. Steve was of his era what Thomas Edison was to the beginning of the 20th century. You made all our lives a better place.”

Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE): “RIP Mr. Jobs! Excuse me… Mr. Incredible!”

Bret Michaels (POISON): “Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out the family of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs.”

Joe Satriani (CHICKENFOOT): “R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I bet you’re busy right now revolutionizing and redesigning the afterlife for all of us to enjoy when our time comes.”

Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER): “Thank you, Steve Jobs. You rocked our world… and you never played a note.”

Billy Graziadei (BIOHAZARD): “RIP, Steve Jobs, he was an inspiration to all of us who dropped out of school and made something of ourselves! He single-handedly changed the world with his vision! When you leave your mark on the world, you live forever! Kings never die!”

Tracii Guns (L.A. GUNS): “Steve Jobs, rest in peace. You really did change the world. Thank you for so much cool stuff that keeps me from getting bored on long trips and making computers that are virus-free. Even my almost-3-year-old can operate an iPod and iPad . I think the world lost a real innovator today.”

Fred Durst (LIMP BIZKIT): “RIP Steve Jobs! True visionary.”

Wes Borland (LIMP BIZKIT): “I feel stupid, but I have to say it: What an impact Steve Jobs has had on my life. My iPhone may just be the most useful tool I own. Bummer.”

LAMB OF GOD: “RIP Steve Jobs.”

(from various sources, and some are courtesy of http://fanoegerm.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/heavy-metal-hard-rock-community-reacts-to-the-passing-of-steve-jobs/)

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