Clocks - The Dividing Line 2012

Clocks is young band coming from central IL, they are now on the path seeking fortune to attracted wider attention to their music. Clocks played in the progressive and technical deathcore area. They are loud and optimistic in music, as quickly evidence in their newest release, The Dividing Line. On this half hours package we presented tight and powerful progressive metal with killer growling vocal all over it.

The album warns us with a minutes and fifty second intro. Then the song Aeon of Horus catch the spirit with its intense riff, and sliding riff, ushered in the first verse of the album. This is an intense technical music with enough changes of tempo and riff , will not let easily fall to your comfort zone. The second song, Progress has some nice drumming phrase in the beginning. The title track, The Dividing Line played something with the staccato drumming. There is no sign of slowdown and the band still burning in track Arbiters, the song still play in complex variation of heavy and slow tempo. Transit of Man is something transitional to the last song, Invisible A Conscious Disconnect

So this is a nice progressive deathcore album from the quintet talents. It is the nature of their music that this album required several listening. Guitars and rhythm section team works in good vibes, but need more idea to fit in a straightforward guitar solos, as this is rather hard to found. Singer sounds great although the sign of less polished is listenable. As a DIY album, this one has a quality. For enthusiast of the genre do not missed this young band and it's good idea to bookmark their social network for upcoming news.

CLOCKS - The Dividing Line 2012
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1. Flying Undiscovered (1:49)
2. Aeon of Horus (5:03)
3. Progress (6:28)
4. The Dividing Line (4:18)
5. Arbiters (3:51)
6. Transit of Man (5:04)
7. Invisible; A Conscious Disconnect (5:03)

Ian Sheridan - Drums
Alex Poole - Guitar
Dakota Roberts - Guitar
Nick Mullins - Vocals
Dustin Mathews - Bass

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