Dawn Of Destiny - Praying to the World 2012

Something good left from May 2012, we have Dawn of Destiny's 4th releases called Praying to the World. Although the band main style has been categorized as power metal, but they do gothic, death metal and thrash elements also. The new singer is Jeanette Scherff who delivered the clean soprano voice. Songs are mostly aggressive in guitar and then ushered in by Jeanette singing.

My Life Lies in  Ruins is the first song, no fancy symphonic intro here but a blistering riff with great combination of female and male singing. The Right Path set by chorus phrase intro that dictate the song, this is rather medium tempo power metal chorus with element of gothic. Miracles then followed as the piano epic, with its great song writing , its chorus "I believe in miracles..." powerfully delivered by Jeanette duet with clean male voice. Place of Mercy also a good song composition with singing verse timely attached to the  rhythm section. The bass prelude to guitar solo is something special here.

The middle section of album started with gospel like a capella chorus in Misunderstood. Promised Land then turn out an interesting song musically. Beast Human again show the bassist didn't just sit there but put a thrash and dark scale bass intro. The keyboard as key melody also performed found in One Last Word.

Only in the thirteen track, the titled album song Praying to the World presented. It's a six minutes epic with now the male voice take the rule. Two other worldwide bonus song and we finish the 70 minutes of excellent delivered album.

What we got here in Praying to the World is a combination of creative band member creating above standard album. There are actually many to hear from this quintet. Not only guitar works, but keyboard and bass also practice the key element to the many songs. All of this multiply by great combination of female and male voice. I must say this is the most perfect chemistry and contrast of this kind, combining female and male singing. In many band, Dawn Of Destiny done the best job in this area. Grab the album for a new idea in power metal.

Metalharem class: ******* eight stars out of ten

Dawn of Destiny - Praying to the World 2012
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1. My Life Lies In Ruins
2. The Right Path
3. Miracles
4. Place Of Mercy
5. Misunderstood
6. Promised Land
7. Another Pain
8. My Four Walls
9. Beast Human
10. Bleeding Me
11. One Last Word
12. This Aching Heart
13. Praying To The World
14. In Another Time
15. Different World

Jeanette Scherff - Vocals
Veith Offenbächer - Guitar
Jens Faber - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dirk Raczkiewicz - Keyboards
Matt Bauer - Drums and Percussion

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