Savage - Sons of Malice 2012

Those who old enough and experienced in NWOBHM scene will remember this band, Savage. But I don't, because I was slightly too young to know the detail of the era. Good news is, this will be a new band for me and without any nostalgic moments to be distraction. Savage is NWOBHM generation, mainly known in their early 80s song Let it Loose, that said, burnt UK metal scenes with New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.  The band then hit and missed the fortunate from early 80 until today. Only the sixth studio album, Sons of Malice still sounds very British and NWOBHM nowdays.

The first song strike in with signature riff of NWOBHM, panning left and right then we enter song The Rage Between. It is now clear Savage play a heavy metal that just slightly light than Saxon and early Iron Maiden, instead more thick in blues rock feel. This is clear in second song Black N Blue. It even tune down the metal feel and lending more to rock in the third title song Sons of Malice. The Hanging Tree is typical country feel song and so does it. Monkey On My Back has it nice "on stage" drumming intro. So does it with song Waking the Dead that provide solo drumming and development into rather minor metal riff. Of the one hour long album, all song composition writing over a catchy and crunchy guitar riff, before scream out the lyric by bassist and singer Chris Bradley.

This is an album for 80s UK tube guitar amp lover. A fantastic tunes recorded by duo of Savage guitarist. The songs mostly never become too heavy. An acceptable release by the veteran of this genre. With a cover album that still use the classic artwork feel, Savage still maintained their identity of early NWOBHM act in this album.

Savage Sons of Malice 2012
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01. The Rage Within
02. Black N Blue
03. Sons Of Malice
04. The Hanging Tree
05. Monkey On My Back
06. Junkyard Dogs
07. Blow
08. Waking The Dead
09. Choose Revolution
10. Now
11. Look At Yourself
12. Master Of War
13. Fallen Idols

Chris Bradley - Vocals, Bass
Kristian Bradley - Guitars
Andy Dawson - Guitars
Mark Nelson - Drums

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