Titans Eve - Life Apocalypse (2012)

Titans Eve join the range of thrash metal scene in Canada. This is Vancouver-based young act that play traditional thrash metal in the light of Annihilator, Exciter and early Anvil. They are quartet that only riff the guitar and scream the lyric out.  In this second album release on July 2012, Life Apocalypse, Titans Eve secured much fame needed in this music scene.

There is a minute waiting time before entering the first thrash music, Overcast is acting as a long intro to the song Destined to Die. After the rushing intro riff Destined to Die quickly remind us to faithful early thrash metal scene where less ornamental added just like today. The bass interlude in the middle is the only fancy thing and the rest are vocal scream and solos. Road to Ruin is enjoyable with its apocalyptic scale intro riff. The song melody however, the first sign that Titans Even maybe write too similar melody for each song, making its somehow too repetition. The third song The Abyss is a rather slow start, again with its doom style slow intro. Instrumental Descension is the edgy opening to titled track Life Apocalypse, a galloping thrash song with interesting progressive guitar solos throw in.

And then we entered a three and half minutes break with A Wound That Never Heals, this is an acoustic instrumental with lyrical melody line and percussion. Ending the experience are four other thrash songs. Titans Eve's second album is a promising continuation on their musical output. All songs already have interesting song structure, memorable intro. The guitar brothers several times done a dual phrase that catchy. Again the song melody line sounds bit of repetition, if this area can be improved Titans Eve will have little problem become thrash metal Titan from Canada. Cover album art is also a catching eye piece of art, showing an apocalyptic scenes where coffin, tsunami and man photography. One of my favorite cover art in metal.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Titans Eve - Life Apocalypse 2012
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01. Overcast
02. Destined To Die
03. Road To Ruin
04. The Abyss
05. Descension
06. Life Apocalypse
07. A Wound That Never Heals
08. Hollow Gods
09. Divided We Fall
10. Frozen In Time
11. The Void

Brian Gamblin - guitar, vocals
Kyle Gamblin - guitar, vocals
Casey Ory - drums
Jesse Hord - bass

Detail cover art of Titans Eve, Apocalyptic art and photography, great Photoshop effect.

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