P.O.D. Murdered Love 2012

From the other side of metal, where mainstream popularity and dollars exist, here something to enjoy,  P.O.D. Murdered Love. It is the band's 8th album release. The album marked the come back of guitarist Marcos Curiel and also producer Howard Benson. This is also the band hard effort to return their root of rap-metal and nu-metal back in the 2000s as in album Satellite.

We quickly enter track Eyez, a straightforward opener. This is a signature P.O.D. rap and headbanging  metal song. Same thing to second song, Murdered Love which is thick in layered raps. Together with song West Coast Rock Steady, these three tracks are really the highlight of the album. P.O.D. collaboration with guest singers is great in these tracks. Beautiful is a break in the flow as a rather mellow tempo song. It is a modern rock song that display singer Sonny Sandoval in this area. Bad Boy has excellent ska-metal in it. Similar to Panic & Run except this one for a second almost sounds like the old school rock riff intro, that blend easily with ska rhythm in the verse.

As a Christian-base band, the lyrics are discussion about the faith. It's pretty extreme in some case, I Am where wording are explicit. Guitar works, nice to listen as in On Fire with the whammy bluesy feel. Production wise is top notch, Hollywood standard. If you like Red Hot Chili Peppers, skater rock, this is the perfect addition to your shelves. P.O.D. , aka Payable On Death, has complete the task to fill in for this year Nu Metal with awesome rap line in it.

Metalharem class: ******** seven stars out of ten

P.O.D. Murdered Love
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1. Eyez (featuring Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)
2. Murdered Love (featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm)
3. Higher
4. Lost in Forever (Scream)
5. West Coast Rock Steady (featuring Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)
6. Beautiful
7. Babylon the Murderer
8. On Fire
9. Bad Boy
10.Panic & Run
11.I Am

12. Find A Way (Japan Bonus)
12. Burn Down Rome (European Bonus)

Sonny Sandoval − lead vocals
Wuv Bernardo − drums, percussion, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Traa Daniels − bass guitar, backing vocals
Marcos Curiel − lead guitar, glockenspiel, programming, backing vocals

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  1. Great review. Have you been able to find "Burn Down Rome" yet?


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