Whitechapel - Whitechapel 2012

Very talented band from Tennesse, Whitechapel is also distinguish for their three axemen formation. With this setup, the band not only more brutal but also melodic. This fourth album of them, with no title, is somehow improvement to their previous sounds. They are more groovy while still maintained the leading guitar riff. Song like Section 8 actually demonstrated how three guitarist is an ideal for deathcore band, with layers of guitar blade strike in continuously. While song (Cult)uralist is the song that have changing tempo with ultra fast drumming. The Night Remains is one of the song that showcase of the fine singers they have, in the same time    bit of dj trick on the vocal track. After Devoid that close the album with the same gothic piano nuance with the intro, Possibilities of the Impossible is the last song in the spirit of Pantera layered screaming.

Whitechapel is fantastic deathcore album for intermediate fans of the genre. It has multiple listening value. The three guitarist lead and rhythm keep you awake. Drumming played in its ideal tempo for deathcore and singer has great tune in this genre. For fans of growling metal, this is a potential competition to Dying Fetus' Reign Supreme and Ihsahn's Eremita this month.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Whitechapel 2012
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01. Make It Bleed
02. Hate Creation
03. (Cult)uralist
04. I, Dementia
05. Section 8
06. Faces
07. Dead Silence
08. The Night Remains
09. Devoid
10. Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence

Whitechapel Album Cover Art 2012

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