Kiko Loureiro Sounds of Innocence 2012

When Kiko released his debut solo (No Gravity) in 2005, he quickly become one of favorite guitarist to get covered by mainstream media.Kiko Loureiro together with Angra then accompanied by the kind of Alexi Laiho, Gus G, Christopher Amott, Herman Li etc. marked the new waves of young guitarist from metal band background to have their own fame as a virtuoso musicians. Along all this generation, Kiko Loureiro is quite outstanding for being productive in term of producing instrumental.

For now, Kiko team up with Virgil Donati and Felipe Andreoli (Angra) to produced Sounds of Innocence, his fourth album. The album plays diverse tune almost in every song. Gray Stones Gateway is a shred-metal song. Conflicted is diverse new age and jazz elements combined into shredding guitar. Latin influences still around, El Guajiro. Ray of Life is light fusion jazz and rock. Twisted Horizon is back to shred rock.

 In short, this album put in diverse style to enjoy. Technically more demanding, the drumming of Virgil Donati can quickly visualized just by hearing his fill, his traditional grip just dance all around. Production wise also clear and matching the mood. A nice album which allow listener to explore many kind of music.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten.

Kiko Loureiro Sounds of Innocence 2012
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1. Awakening Prelude
2. Gray Stone Gateway
3. Conflited
4. Reflective
5. El Guajiro
6. Ray of Life
7. The Hymn
8. Mae D'Agua
9. Twisted Horizon
10. A Perfect Rhyme
11. Conflicted (Playback Version)

Kiko Loureiro / guitars
Felipe Andreoli / bass
Virgil Donati / drums

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