Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme 2012

If you need something brutal and insane this week, Dying Fetus new release Reign Supreme in this June will serve you well. The band had been in the top category that delivered death metal genre in its best form. Only play as a trio recently, this is a short, only 38 minutes included bonus track, yet memorable death metal album. It has the classic Kreator and Sepultura vibes. Guitars and drums works support all the insane minutes perfectly and backed the vocals by Gallagher.

All songs are killer and fast, the only notable "slower" tunes are only In The Trenches, which is play in its excellent groove. Good things are, the last part of the album, Devout Atrocity, Revisionist Past and The Blood of Power all didn't lost the moment , making this album has almost no weak point. The first half of album however, need no review as they are all excellent written and played.

Put this into your beloved death metal shelf as Dying Fetus continued their standard and delivered another top notch album. Guitar works are insane fast and edgy, all delivered by John Gallagher.

Metal Harem class: ******** 7 stars out of 10

Dying Fetus Reign Supreme 2012
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01. Invert The Idols
02. Subjected To A Beating
03. Second Skin
04. From Womb To Waste
05. Dissidence
06. In The Trenches
07. Devout Atrocity
08. Revisionist Past
09. The Blood Of Power
10. Dead Whores Love To Fuck [Deluxe edition bonus]

John Gallagher - guitars, vocals
Trey Williams - drums
Sean Beasley - bass, vocals

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