Circus Maximus Nine 2012

They had been my favorite progressive metal band since the debut "The 1st Chapter". Now Circus Maximus released their third studio album "Nine" on June 2012, in the span of five year after their 2007's "Isolate" album. A quick listening say this album slightly moving on their previous sound. Nine is more heavier and they slowly discontinued their more power metal type of progressive metal and move on more thrashy feel.

The intro Forging and calmly enter Architect of Fortune give the listener complex drumming and approved odd meter progressive riff. The vocal line is again more complex and less high chorus that very demanding as in The 1st Chapter album. But the story driven singer approach seems quickly paid off after 2 or 3 repeated listening. Namaste quickly to follow, coming with exotic scale guitar riff, Namaste, a salutation commonly spoken in India, also provide strong chorus in within their complex music composition. Game of Life still sound as the extended outro of Namaste but a song on its respect. The flow break with the fifth track, Reach Within which is a calm ballad, the form on which Circus Maximus usually very strong at. I Am is by far something revisit of their previous sound, very likely from their 1st Chapter album sound. Used is keep up progressive composition although the guitar riff seem to be the most 'generic' riff for progressive song. After the light, The One, the album then closed with two epic composition, Burn After Reading and Last Goodbye.

It's a complex album, with some unexpected twist in the progressive composition. Slightly move away from the high pitch chorus driven as in their previous album, which is actually their strong point before. The singer Mike Eriksen actually has a very progressive sad voice that fit in this type of atmosphere. The guitar solo still very demanding but the keyboard solos now slightly reduced and more into the background. Drumming are also very complex and up to the limit. Great progressive works.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Circus Maximus - Nine 2012
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label Frontiers

01. "Forging" - 1:16
02. "Architect of Fortune" - 10:12
03. "Namaste" - 4:02
04. "Game of Life" - 5:01
05. "Reach Within" - 4:59
06. "I Am" - 4:20
07. "Used" - 4:52
08. "The One" - 4:00
09. "Burn After Reading" - 8:48
10. "Last Goodbye" - 9:59
Total Length - 57:29

The Japanese version will also include a bonus track.

Mike Eriksen − vocals
Mats Haugen − guitar
Glen Cato Møllen − bass
Truls Haugen − drums
Lasse Finbråten − keyboards

Monochromatic Graphic Art for Progressive Metal Cover Album

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