Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land 2012

Ah.. the busy month of summer June has arrive. Plenty of release being schedule for this month. After Delain, here Jorn screaming to Bring Heavy Rock To The Land, released 1st June 2012. The album is solo project of power metal band Masterplan high airtime singer, Jørn Lande. Bring Heavy Rock to The Land however, as titled and mentioned by Jorn himself, more a heavy rock approach with metal spice up. Quote, "I think this album follows a similar JORN-tradition like those before, more Heavy Rock oriented than Metal" (...) "But as usual it's not one musical expression all the way through the album, but a variety of musical landscapes within the categories of Rock and Metal".

The album open with acoustic intro, My Road is something sounds like Iron Maiden acoustic with Bruce Dickinson in throat. The title track however bring up the level of this album, Bring Heavy Rock To The Land is really uplift the heavy rock atmosphere. There is also a very Axel Rudi Pell sound here and there, even the title Ride Like The Wind is perhaps one of Axel title song (actually a Saxon / Christopher Cross cover). Jorn singer is however very dominant (obviously) and opposite to the any guitarist solo album, this is song and singing over the top of all. Interesting track like Time To Be King should be welcome very much for Masterplan  fans, the exact cover by the singer himself. Black Morning is something bluesy rock metal (sic).

For a singer with very high portfolio here and there, this is the album where Jorn take more into self defined heavy rock style. Something like early Scorpions-Iron Maiden-Judas Priest sound, less double pedal drumming but rich of riff. The musicians in charge doing all great job for this, guitarist Jimmy Iverson and Tore Moren actively lift up the song with their chops, Ride To The Guns is a great double guitar attack song. For music that played in that little space between heavy hard rock to metal, this is another strong portfolio from Jorn Lande.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land 2012
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Frontier Label

1.  "My Road"
2.  "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land"
3.  "A Thousand Cuts"
4.  "Ride Like The Wind (Christopher Cross/Saxon cover)"
5.  "Chains Around You"
6.  "The World I See"
7.  "Time To Be King (Masterplan cover)"
8.  "Ride To The Guns"
9.  "Black Morning"
10."I Came To Rock"
11."Live And Let Fly (bonus track)"

"Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover) (bonus track for Japan)"

    Jørn Lande - lead vocals
    Tore Moren - guitars
    Jimmy Iversen - guitars
    Nic Anglieri - bass
    Willy Bendiksen - drums
    Mixing and mastering by Tommy Hansen

Jorn 2012 Metal Album Cover

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