FullForce - One 2011

Here another interesting album that I missed last year. FullForce is a supergroup consisted of Carl Johan Grimmark and Stefan Elmgren on guitar. Both are tired metal guitarist that somehow retreat from their respective band, Narnia and Hammerfall. In FullForce they found a more relaxing studio band and to put things more seriously the line up completed by Mike Andersson (vocals, Cloudspace), Anders Johansson (drums, ex-Yngwie, Hammerfall) , and Tommy Larson (ex-Heed). So, this is an all Sweden high profile musicians.

Seeing the line up itself, the band should be half progressive half power metal, which is a mouthwatering setup. But their first album, ONE, is more generic heavy-metal approach, of course with little power / prog elements. Mythomaniac raise with their very neo-classical / power / prog synth intro, then development straight away into epic heavy metal song. None of Your Concern is a song with little hard rock singing element. Heart and Soul is something Hammerfall guitar riff driven song. Oblivion is trying to get some darker and progressive feel with its exotic minor scale song. Open Your Eyes again, very guitar riff heavy metal track. Except Into the Cradle which is a lighter hard rock song, all the rest of album consist of slighly progressive metal with Hammerfall galloping rhythm feel.

A very enjoyable melodic and heavy metal album here. Carl Johann Grimmark surely provide most of complexes solos here but overall most are very well rhythm-ed metal song. The singing is blend nice into each song. Fans of both Hammerfall and especially Christian metal band, Narnia, will found little need to adjust with this album. C.J Grimmark unfortunately retreat from this project, and as in 2012 the guitarist in charge enlisted Stefan Rosqvist, who is also bandmate in Cloudspace, confirmed that this is will remain a side project.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

FullForce - One 2011
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01. Mythomaniac - 4.02
02. None Of Your Concern - 3:35
03. Heart And Soul - 3:31
04. Oblivion - 4:53
05. Open Your Eyes - 4:25
06. Rain - 4:33
07. Suffering In Silence - 3:06
08. Walls Of Secrets - 4:33
09. Father Spirit - 4:51
10. Bleed - 5:07
11. Into The Cradle - 5:01

 Mike Andersson (Cloudscape) – Vocals
Stefan Elmgren (ex-Hammerfall) – Guitars
CJ Grimmark (ex-Narnia) – Guitars (withdrawn in 2012)
Tommy Larsson (ex-Heed) – Bass
Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) – Drums

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