Rush Clockwork Angels 2012

Rush has extended their legacy on the progressive rock universe this year, with album Clockwork Angels. Although two of the tracks had been released years prior, the album contained a full 65 minutes of unheard high quality progressive music. The partner in production with the trio was producer Nick Raskulinecz and recorded around April 2010 to the end of 2011. So, it is another solid and very planned album from Rush.

Caravan is Rush's new millenium hits, with its power riff, tight and solid composition, opened the album. Bu2B is following with even more progressive feel, the drum pattern is complexes and a superb production  highlight their groove that never being so crystal clear. Then we enter the first real new song, Clockwork Angels, is a time travel musical experience. Starting calmly with acoustic guitar and ballad feel, this is seven minutes epic that once again see Rush transform into another musical space. The chorus for this song is rather rare Rush's scale. Also a rare extended guitar solo from Alex Lifeson in the interlude just before the vocal effects take parts.

After the dark feeling, The Anarchist recover the situation with straight drum,bass and riff structure. Carnies and Halo Effect are two modern rock song. Seven Cities Of Gold is another very groovy tunes with tearing eyes thumbing bass line. The Wreckers again bring back the music slightly lower to the ground with its light feel beat, perhaps the most lyrical song so far.

Headlong Fight direct quoted Bastille Day's drum accent in the intro, and is another tired complexes progressive track to keep your eyes lid up. BU2B2 is intermezzo to the previous track with similar name. Wish Them Well continued the pattern to keep thing not over complexes and give listener something easier to enjoy. This is a 70s feel rock song. The closing track, The Garden is a nocturne feel ballad, good thing Rush close the album with a song that melody are very typical theirs.

As in previous Rush, the guitar itself need no spot to truly show itself as virtuosos melodic instrument, but rather a rhythm and show time only on strictly small space between the leading bass line and drum. As for the basses, it is crystal clear the leading conductor here. Drumming is almost perfect in recording, not to mentioned Neil Pert's mastery in groove and fill. Vocal itself as we know is almost the fourth instrument here. If we substitute the vocal line with a violin or sax, I think the song itself will continued perfectly.

So, this is another works that hard to beat from Rush. Production wise and composition wise. If you continued to their video music, the level of perfectness is also there. Top on their game even after 40 years in trio. It's a complexes album to review and more than a couple listening is required to enjoy all their richness here. Do not missed this album with all your strength this year!

Metal Harem class: ********* 9 stars out of 10

Rush - Clockwork Angels 2012
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1. Caravan (5:40)
2. BU2B (5:10)
3. Clockwork Angels (7:31)
4. The Anarchist (6:52)
5. Carnies (4:52)
6. Halo Effect (3:14)
7. Seven Cities Of Gold (6:32)
8. The Wreckers (5:01)
9. Headlong Flight (7:20)
10. BU2B2 (1:28)
11. Wish Them Well (5:25)
12. The Garden (6:59)

Total Time: 66:40

- Geddy Lee / vocals, bass and keyboards
- Alex Lifeson / guitars
- Neil Peart / drums and percussion
- Nick Raskulinecz / producer

Clockwork Angels Progressive Art Cover Album Desigh

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