Lita Ford Living Like A Runaway 2012

I was enjoying through the weekend Lita Ford's latest album Living Like A Runway. It's feel age since her last voice popping in my head, but this is a fresh and surprisingly super cool stuff together. In short the conclusion is, this is a great comeback stuff from Lita.

The first lyric of the album is "I don't want to fight with you no more" marked the emotional stuff filled through the album. Lita struggling to her private life and divorce issue. The personal side of Lita is somehow recorded nicely to this album, and it is one of the good point here. Branded is a cool opening, and Lita voice really shine, sounds properly as the veteran, oops... old mama of hard rock and metal. Voice very bitchy as well! Hate, is a punk feel here, with Lita again delivered the what-the-fuck sludgy voice perfectly. But my love song is the titled track Living Like A Runaway. It is the classic American country hard rock song, with excellent lyric flows through the body and choruses. It is Bon Jovi-ish in female voice. It is a song that I would sing in a campfire, in a car ride and put in my movie soundtrack if I am a movie director. Mother is the climax of Lita life story, putting the most emotion to this ballad that will haunted her former life partner (and the children!). Bad Neighborhood in the bonus part is another point of interest, notable because Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich helping in guitar riff.

And that is true, behind successful woman lay a men. Surprisingly to find is guitarist Gary Hoey behind the production team. Also included are lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig, and drummer Matt Scurfield. It is not explicit which guitar layer Gary put in, but in the Guitar World interview he was heavily involved in writing. The dual guitar in Asylum and Love 2 Hate U are successful collaboration in my observations.

So it is a solid comeback album, very story driven and many song comes with killer groove in vibes of hard rock and punk. Come and grab this for your enjoyment.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Lita Ford Living Like A Runway 2012
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01. Branded
02. Hate
03. The Mask
04. Living Like A Runaway
05. Relentless
06. Mother
07. Devil In My Head
08. Asylum
09. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By
Digipak Bonus Tracks:
11. Bad Neighborhood
12. The Bitch Is Back
iTunes Bonus Track:
11. Boiling Point

Lita Ford - vocals, guitar and keyboards
Gary Hoey - guitar, bass, keyboards and background vocals
Matt Scurfield - drums

Produced by Bobby Collin, Lita Ford and Gary Hoey.

Lita Ford Living Like A Runway Photographic Cover Art

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