Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending to Infinity 2012

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending to Infinity 2012
album review

Rhapsody of Fire had been friendly split into two bands, so this is Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody take the lead with his newest, hmm.. symphonic album, Ascending into Infinity. If you think you already listen to the tunes before you heard this, hold on! You might, but I assure better to prepared one of the best production from Luca. Not sure what prevented Luca to not achieved back his high standard of neo classical symphonic works in Rhapsody, but after this split, this album put back Luca in the map. It’s really set the balls high again for every follower that trying to composed in this genre. Total orchestration and intrigue melody composition trademark by Luca.

The symphonic intro already success in capturing the attention. Apart from the most cheesy speech, the vocals works in Quantum X really set the mood to the world of Luca Turilli. And from this point it is guarantee high quality symphonic metal start by Ascending to Infinity. Killer neo classical lick that Luca always seems to invent one after another. The song is the album flagship,flamboyant song required lots of resources, the choirs, orchestration etc. Dante's Inferno and Excalibur are fresh Rhapsody-style song with nice riff. Dark Fate of Atlantis already release in video music version. Every Luca Turilli's work always closed with an epic and this duty fall to Of Michael the Archangel and Lucif3r which is 16 minutes work. Overall I really enjoy Tormento e Passione for its duet operatic singing. Then the Michael Kiske resurrected in bonus track, March of Time.

So, Luca Turilli proved there is plenty of room available for two Rhapsody. Although being in the game for more than 10 albums, Ascending to Infinity still have the moment where fresh tune being in play. Singer Alessandro Conti gives many potential song become real. Drummer Alex Holzwarth also join Luca side and help each other, in the wikipedia entry, this collaboration give this album the 11th studio album of Rhapsody. Little truth we may known at this moment. So, we welcome another team who take the genre into its respective place, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody is no waste of time in forming new band. This album is real deal.

Metal Harem class: ********* 9 stars out of 10

Luca Turilli's Ascending to Infinity 2012

01. Quantum X
02. Ascending To Infinity
03. Dante's Inferno
04. Excalibur
05. Tormento E Passione
06. Dark Fate Of Atlantis
07. Luna [Alessandro Safina cover]
08. Clash Of The Titans
09. Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall
    1 - Alma Mundi
    2 - Fatum Mortalis
    3 - Ignis Divinus
10. March Of Time [Helloween cover] [bonus]

Alessandro Conti - vocals
Luca Turilli - guitars, keyboards
Dominique Leurquin - guitars
Alex Holzwarth - drums
Alex Landenburg - drums
Patrice Guers - bass

Fantasy Art in Rhapsody cover album design

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