Ihsahn Eremita 2012

Been said as one of most upfront composer and instrumentalist in black metal scenes nowdays, Ihsahn continue his journey of music with forth solo album release, Eremita. If you like stuff in black and extreme metal, this awesome waiting time has over. There is a “catchy” stuff as in Arrival which is a clean vocal song by guest Einar Solberg in the thrash metal platform but also an Ihsahn specialist The Paranoid that demonstrated a cutting edge song composition. This is back to extreme metal with growling vocals. Many intrigue and experimental moments here and there. Song Recollection and The Grave give a blueprint on how to use saxophone in extreme metal song.

Emerita or Eremita gives you 60 minutes of extreme black metal right from the kitchen of best practitioner in the scene. Guest musicians Jeff Loomis and Tobias Andersen in drum. 

Ihsahn Eremita 2012

1.Arrival    5:40
2.The Paranoid    4:43
3.Introspection  5:37
4.The Eagle and the Snake    8:47
5.Catharsis    4:50
6.Something Out There    5:09
7.Grief  2:21
8.The Grave   8:18
9.Departure    7:07
Deluxe edition bonus track
10.Recollection    5:39

    Ihsahn – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
    Tobias Ørnes Andersen – drums
    Jorgen Munkeby – saxophone
    Jeff Loomis – guitar
    Devin Townsend – vocals
    Einar Solberg – vocals
    Heidi Tveitan – vocals
    Ihsahn – production
    Jens Bogren – mixing at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden
    Ritxi Ostariz – album artwork and packaging

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