Herman Frank Right in the Guts 2012

Herman Frank - Right in the Guts 2012

Now, can you accept more heavy metal from the guy of Accept? This is Herman Frank, second / co guitarist in Accept, together with Wolf Hoffman. This is his solo album, the second one actually, he released one in 2009 titled Loyal to None. Now, this is Right in the Guts, and this is heavy metal, period.

Very underrated guitarist although being in Accept after most of their years. Right in the Guts is no more than heavy metal from the first notes till the last. Very familiar riff in the first song, Roaring Thunder, well, the title didn’t lie you, it is the roaring riff in its best, which I swear very similar to one song I couldn’t remember right now. Singer is Rick Altzi , also a very seasoned vocalist present in Thunderstone and At Vance fame. And then come the titled song, Right in the Guts, very powerful anthem metal song in the spirit of 80s. Things are still fierce and fury and welcome Ivory Gate and double pedal high pitch song. Little bit of Helloween-ish but the guitar something sound in Rainbow year. The same fury also in through the song Vengeance. From this point it is clear, Herman had done a great job in composing fucking screaming metal tunes, fifth song Starlight is still no resting point yet, the moment is in song Falling to Pieces, a song with anthemic galloping slower temp. Bassist Peter Pichl take some spotlight in the intro to Raise Your Hand. The album touch the ground again after this point and here comes several enjoyable “fillers”. Lights Are Out is the last highlight here.

Along the team are drummer Michael Wolpers who provide required energy to support each song. Guitarist Mamalitsidis Cristos is little known but his works are clear in the album. This is a great addition to the already high profile Accept’s Stalingrad earlier this year. The world need to give more spotlight to Herman Frank and this album hopefully raise the community awareness of his greatness.

Metal Harem class: ********* 9 stars out of 10

Herman Frank - Right in the Guts 2012

01. Roaring Thunder
02. Right In Your Guts
03. Ivory Gate
04. Vengeance
05. Starlight
06. Falling To Pieces
07. Raise Your Hand
08. Waiting
09. Hell Isn't Far
10. Kings Call
11. Lights Are Out
12. Black Star
13. So They Run

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