Hardline Danger Zone 2012

Hardline is the 90s band that mostly famous as the side project of Neil Schon outside the giant Journey and Bad English. Their classic debut, Double Eclipse captured much the spirit of AOR from the era. Twenty year after, Hardline now remain singer Johnny Gioeli as original member. The band also less superstar as any previous formation, instead now support by lesser famous talents from Europe. This new album, called Danger Zone now under the shadow of Axel Rudi Pell because Johnny Gioeli is close association to this band for years.

Hardline try to capture back the spirit of AOR, the two first tracks Fever Dreams and 10000 Reasons really pulled us back to that era. The choruses also remind me of Axel, the different is, in Hardline the present of AOR keyboard are dominant. The next song luckily can escape from this syndrome, Danger Zone and What I'd Like is a showcase on how Johnny sing something different from his Axel job. Much even further is ballad Stronger Than Me, give us a very enjoyable medium to enjoy another dimension of the singer's voice. I also enjoy very much Never Too Late For Love, as well Stay which gives me that nostalgic mellow AOR we missed. We then jump to Show Me Your Love, a high spirit chorus driven song.

The album display no low point on its twelve tracks. Beside the first two songs, Johnny and team delivered an emotional AOR materials that close to our nostalgic '80 era. Guitarist shredder Thorsten Koehne bring each song careful lead and rhythm, although the lead solo sometimes too short, it is mixed with the song nicely. We also have keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio that dictate the overall nuance to become emotional AOR spirit. Drummer Francesco Jovino and female bassist Anna Portalupi completed the formation. This is high point of this year AOR album.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Hardline Danger Zone 2012
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1. Fever Dreams
2. 10000 Reasons
3. Danger Zone
4. What I'd Like
5. Stronger Than Me
6. Never Too Late For Love
7. Stay
8. I Don't Wanna Break Away
9. Look At You Now
10. Please Have Faith In Me
11. Show Me Your Love
12. The Only One

Johnny Gioeli - Lead Vocals
Thorsten Koehne - Lead Guitar
Alessandro Del Vecchio -Keyboards
Anna Portalupi -Bass
Francesco Jovino - Drums

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