Destination's Calling End of Time 2012

What does it takes to make a great power metal band? A virtuoso guitarist, demon speed drummer,  or keyboard wizards? For me I prefer a charismatic singer as the first and for most requirement to makes a band stand out. Destination’s Calling, quite an unusual name for power metal (it clicks me more as progressive metal band name) give me a good impression in this album on this aspect. As my prologues suggested, the band's singer is kicking, remind me of Michael Kiske’s character. While the band’s background extended back to 1999 and previous full album Invinsible Wall , I can’t be sure of their past achievement prior to this album as their information were lack online. End of Time is the album we are talking right now, released June 2012.

In this album, DC opens with a catchy song Feel The Rain. This is one of my favourite tunes in power metal this year, again the singer is most enjoyable here. The minor and melancholy feel in this song just fit the voice. After this, the second song Soulbound maintained the pace with a song that use the most out of power chord. The album slightly set down the tune quite fast in track four, The Broken Hourglass, a short acoustic ballad and repeated again in Another Day. End Of Time is a moderate tempo power metal song in the light of early James Labrie voice like singing. Need to listed out also Burning Paradise which has a nice verse and chorus connections.

Destination’s Calling serves us in the territory of power metal that faithful sad and dark feel. No keyboard role so far. Christian Grater, the singer is also the guitarist shared with Markus Goller. Big brother Sascha Paeth is doing the mixing here, no surprise. The drum, however, slightly feel too generic, maybe the production sounds, but the drummer surprisingly sounds less power metal than average standard. Four ballads songs, this is a little too many, need us to quickly adjust our mood every two fast songs. Give this album one or two spins, and it’ll quickly enter our comfort listening zone.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Destination's Calling End of Time 2012
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1. Feel the Rain 04:50
2. Soulbound 05:13
3. Revolution in Mind 05:41
4. The Broken Hourglass 02:09
5. Dreams Died on the Road 06:13
6. Another Day 04:19
7. End of Time 04:20
8. Burning Paradise 04:35
9. Dark Poem 04:36
10. Walking on Thin Ice 05:11
11. The Way Back Home 05:43

Steffen Singler  Bass
Christian Gräter Vocals, Guitars
Markus Göller  Guitars, Vocals
Christian Frank Drums
Mixed: Sascha Paeth

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